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I believe it was last Monday evening, Tucker Carlson made a comment that illegal immigration makes our country dirtier and less safe ( paraphrasing ). He was showing the caravan encampment in Tijuana as an illustration, and also showing the trash and debris left over in the southern Arizona deserts by illegal immigrants. People have been complaining about this for years, Tucker certainly isn’t the first one to comment on this. All of this trash is very damaging to the desert ecosystem.

Well, that statement didn’t sit well with the lefties, who immediately launched a media campaign against Tucker’s sponsors. Of course many of them caved to the pressure, saying his statements were diametrically opposed their corporate view points.

I think we need to cut the B.S. I really don’t know of too many corporations that have much of a viewpoint beyond greed. Otherwise they wouldn’t be building factories in China and other foreign nations, in order to increase profits, and denying their fellow Americans jobs. Corporations are notoriously bad actors. They pay their employees lousy wages and keep them in horrible working conditions while they reward the fat cat execs with enormous perks and golden parachutes. Amazon has recently come under pressure for paying super low wages, with some employees living in their cars, while the company is one of the richest in the world. Call me crazy, but that doesn’t sound like they’re exactly dripping with compassion for their own employees, let alone some poor Guatemalan.

When the left starts putting the screws to the corporations, they’re not thinking about anything but the bottom line. Here’s the craziness of all of this; the people that watch Tucker Carlson watch him because they like what he say’s and they agree with what he say’s. They never connect what Tucker say’s to his sponsors. I watch Tucker almost every day, I couldn’t name one of his sponsors. I usually mute the TV and go get a snack during the commercials. I hate commercials, they’re stupid and loud. But the left thinks they just won a major battle, they caused Tucker to lose several of his sponsors. So what? He’s still  on everyday and has vowed to keep on saying what he pleases whether they like it or not. The real losers are the corporations, they just voluntarily cut their viewership very biggly.

If you find a large corporation, one big enough to run ads in prime time, that’s honest and ethical on all fronts, please let me know. I’ll keep a list on one of my post it notes. Just one more example of totally dishonest hypocritical bullshit that the lefties are famous for perpetrating.  


Old Glory


  1. Excellent, great post – just made one about Tucker myself; he’s great, I watch him every day. The lunatics on the left need to control every single thing & has got to stop. It’s time for us to push back and stand up against them 👊😁


    1. It drives me crazy that “the mob” will attack you for virtually anything you say. Who the hell gave these people that authority? The answer is; no one, and we should ignore these whackos. Why people pay any attention to what the mob says is a complete mystery to me. They are mostly nameless and faceless cowards. Thank you so much for reading my rants. They keep me out of the shrink’s office. Have a great day.

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