Before you get all excited thinking I’ve crossed over to the Democrats, think again. I would rather die than be called a Democrat or a Republican. I am a Conservative Independent. Why would I want to align myself with the biggest con artists that ever existed? Out of the 435 individuals that inhabit the U.S. House of Representatives, probably less than 10% are worth the money they get paid. What a miserable bunch of losers these people are. Actually maybe we’re the losers, we let them get by with it.

These people don’t give a rip about you, your family, your neighborhood, your city or anything else. They only care about getting re-elected for one more trip on the gravy train. They don’t have to endure the lousy healthcare plans that you do, they don’t have to rely on poverty level pay from social security. Nope, they’re lawyers, they have it all set up so a few years on the gravy train buys them a permanent free ride that we pay for. Their wages aren’t based on cost of living, they just vote themselves a raise and the trusty old taxpayer always ponies up more money whether they like it or not.

Just remember, they are the bee keepers, you’re the drone. If you don’t keep on producing the honey, your out on your behind. I have said this before in previous blogs; They don’t have to live with the decisions they make, you do. They go home to their mansions on the hill behind the walls and gates while your neighborhood is overrun with crime and illegal aliens. Their property values just keep appreciating, and your’s keeps depreciating, because your once beautiful city is now a dump. Don’t look for them to visit and try to remedy anything, they don’t care. They can stand proud and tell everyone your city is special because it’s a sanctuary city. Don’t it make you feel great?

They don’t want to secure the southern border. They don’t want a wall, it’s immoral. They want to just throw open the gates and allow a flood of immigrants to rush in. Immigrants with no education, no money, no salable skills, people that will immediately, and for years to come, be dependent on government welfare. Meanwhile, they notify you that you’re going to get a whopping 2% increase in your social security payments. Don’t it make you feel great. Oh by the way, in that same letter they send you telling you you’re getting a 2% raise, they tell you they’re taking that much and more to pay for the increased premiums of Medicare. I am now 77 years old and still working. That means I have paid my taxes faithfully for sixty-one years, and I am still paying into social security. But instead of taking care of me, and other faithful patriots that have supported those sorry bureaucratic bastards all of our lives, they give us 2%, and feed and clothe non-citizens. They give welfare money to worthless women that keep having babies so they can get more money. They give money to a gawd awful organization that kills babies. They give millions of dollars to foreign countries in aid that hate our asses. The Federal Government wastes billions of dollars every year, but they don’t care, they know you will faithfully keep giving them more of your money to waste. If you don’t give it to them they will take everything you own anyway. Remember, your the drone, they are the bee keepers.

Here is the sad part about this whole story. There is not one iota of difference between the Democrats and Republicans. They just put on a performance for you, and hope they can persuade you to vote for their side. The longer they are power, the more perks they can accumulate. It’s truly a sad thing to realize, you are being played for a fool. The Federal Government is getting more and more powerful, and getting more intrusive into your lives. It’s just a matter of time before the Constitution is deemed no longer valid by the power hungry mongrels in Washington. Some days it just feels good to be old, knowing you won’t have to see that day come.

By the way, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, they want those poor uneducated souls to flood into the country. They are dependent on the government, and can be easily controlled. It’s a bigger force of drones. They won’t make demands like you do. They won’t care if the politicians abolish the Constitution as long as they are housed and fed.

And everyone wonders why there’s an opioid crisis. Wake up suckers.


 Old Glory


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