muslim women in congress

                               ILHAN OMAR                                                  RASHIDA TLAIB

The mere fact that these two clowns could be voted into Congress should cause you serious concern about where this nation is headed. Both of these women are new to Congress this year, and wasted no time expressing their hatred for Jews, and Israel. The genius on the right openly called President Trump a Mother-fer on video. Both women are Muslim. If you believe the ” Islam is the religion of peace ” nonsense, you seriously need psychiatric help, or just pull your head out of your ass.

kamala harris


I don’t even know where to start with this piece of work. When she talks, it’s all I can do to keep from throwing up. I have never seen such blatant hypocrisy and fakery.  When I look at her all I see is the face of deceit. A lot of rumors have swirled around her climb to the top in California politics which may or may not be true. She has shown herself to have tremendous disdain for law enforcement, which makes life very dangerous for our police officers. She broadcast the fact that an ICE raid was about to happen in her district in California, which allowed numerous dangerous criminals to escape. She recently announced her plans to run for President in 2020 ( God help us ) and is floating policies that would make Vladimir Lenin proud. She actually makes Hillary look really good. Put that into perspective.

ocasio cortez


This woman has brought back an idea that I had years ago. People that run for public office should have to take a test. It would only have one question. Do you know the difference between a hole in the ground and your ass? I’m really not sure if she could pass that test. The more she talks, they more it reinforces my belief. I do have to give her credit….she has more facial expressions than Jim Carey. I think they both have about the same I.Q. The fact that the Democrats are falling all over themselves, following her down the Green Deal road should cause you great concern that one of these idiots could possibly make it into the White House. It would be a remake of ” One flew over the Cuckoos Nest “.

So far, what I have heard from the Democrat clowns is that their platform will look something like this:

  1. Open borders, just come on in, make yourself at home.
  2. Disband all immigration enforcement offices
  3. Free healthcare for everyone, including illegal aliens.
  4. Take away free market health insurance.
  5. Free college education for everyone, including illegal aliens.
  6. Restrict the jurisdiction of the local police
  7. Remove all tariffs and restrictions on China trade.
  8. Ramp up hostilities with Russia, they hacked the DNC computers, and helped Donald Trump beat Hillary.
  9. If they aren’t successful impeaching President Trump, throw him in jail for something, after he leaves office. Make him pay for keeping Hillary out of the White House. She deserved it.
  10. Make abortion legal all the way to the end of the pregnancy, and if the kid pisses you off, make it retroactive for five years. They’ll put you in jail for spanking them in public, but you can kill those little suckers.
  11. Tax the living hell out of the middle class, and give it to the slackers and illegals.
  12. Government take over of the oil gas, and coal companies.
  13. Take away gasoline cars from the public, those dumb asses are are going to cause the world to end in 12 years. AOC said so.
  14. Make everything electric, cover the earth in wind machines. ( They may want to think about this one, wind machines use a lot of oil to lubricate them.)
  15. Make it illegal to operate dairies and beef ranches. Everyone must convert to Vegan.
  16. Guns will still be legal, ammunition will be banned. ( new Oregon plan )

Some of this stuff on this list is obviously “tongue in cheek” but an amazing amount of these things I have heard Democrats say recently. Kamala Harris actually proposes items #4, #11 and #12. I couldn’t believe my ears.

Don’t think I am only targeting women, I have a limited amount of space. I’ll cover the guys in the next article. There’s plenty to write about. You can build a bomb shelter to protect yourself from an enemy attack, I don’t know how you protect yourself from stupidity.


Old Glory


  1. Don’t worry we’re afraid. We’re very afraid. But the more the Muslim women talk, the more they prove we were right about their religion.

    The bartender’s fifteen minutes of fame is about up. Wait until we see her shouting out at the State of the Union address. That will end her career. She can’t help herself.

    And for Kamala, for a smart lawyer she has no economic sense. Medicare for all will ruin her chances. Retired folks on Medicare that they paid into for years will not stand for it. And her cackle is right up there with Hillary’s. Someone needs to make a split screen to play both their laughs.

    What I’m really afraid of is our voters turning socialist. Obama and Al Gore have had a big effect of them.


  2. Those 3 were strategically placed. They knew they’d create chaos & distraction. They love starting fires & being first in line to say ‘We have to put that out!’ They are the complete & total opposite of authentic.


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