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There isn’t a place on this earth that is steeped in history as rich and colorful as Britain. It is the Mother Country, the cornerstone of Western Civilization. It was once said that the ” The sun never sets in the British Isles ,” that’s because Britain literally, colonized and laid claim to territories around the world. Britain was indeed one of the world’s early super powers.

The British love pomp and circumstance, and elaborate ceremonies, and we love to watch them. It’s like looking backward into a time long since gone. There is so much about Britain that is wonderfully quirky and unique. If you have ever owned a British car it is the essence of their culture. It is wonderful to drive, it performs in a marvelous fashion, in spite of the fact that you constantly have to fidget with it to keep it running perfectly.

As an observer of world affairs, this is probably the most puzzling things that I have ever seen. As hard as I try, I can’t believe what I am seeing. The British politicians are  handing over their nation to a group of people that have absolutely nothing in common with Britain, and in fact hate everything that Britain stands for. They have allowed a flood of Muslim immigrants into their country who are diametrically opposed to everything British. 

If you think the Muslims have forgotten the Crusades, you don’t know anything about Islam. They never forget their enemies. Muslims have only one thing in their brain, and that is to eradicate anyone that has ever dared cross paths with them in battle. I’m quite sure that every Imam in Britain dreams of the day they can hang the Kings head on the gates of Buckingham Palace. 

Here are the hard cold facts. The native British population, not unlike the French and German native populations, are not having children at a rate that will sustain their culture. Over the next few years their numbers will continue to decline. The Muslims on the other hand, practice polygamy in spite of the laws against it, and are expanding their populations at an alarming rate. Mathematics don’t lie. Each of these countries will slowly become predominately Muslim. Once the Muslims become the dominate race, they will transform the whole of Europe to Islam. 

The first things that will be destroyed is anything connected to Christianity. All of those wonderful old archaeological masterpiece cathedrals that dot the landscape in Europe and England will be knocked down, gone forever. All historical buildings will be destroyed. Nothing will stand that will remind you of the past inhabitants. Sound familiar? The left is doing the same thing here, right now, today, and we are allowing it to happen. Remember one thing. Islam will not tolerate anything that competes with Islam. All traces of every other religion must be eradicated forever. 

As I said earlier, I can’t fathom why Britain is doing this. The politicians are killing freedom of speech, along with their culture. If you dare speak out against what they are doing, God help you. Ask Tommy Robinson. I will guarantee that if Winston Churchill were able to walk the streets of London once again, he would not recognize what his beloved Britain has become. All of those wonderful British citizens that died in the bombings of  WWll, and the brave soldiers that died on the battlefields will have died in vain, if the politicians succeed in Killing Britain.

Winston 2




2 thoughts on “KILLING BRITAIN

  1. There were many super powers down through history. In the 14 hundreds Spain was ruled by the Moores who developed a culture far and away more advanced then England during this time in history. I am so glad Marybeth is doing well thank God.


  2. I have studied the Spanish Moors a little, enough to know they built a marvelous society and were well ahead of England and France in almost all areas. It is a very interesting subject. The Moors were black Africans, which in itself is very interesting because they were nomads. The fact that nomads built such a great society and inhabited the area for such a long time is remarkable. You have inspired me to learn more about this topic.


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