Soldiers planting American Flag

For as long as the world has been in existence conquerors have carried their banners into battle. When victorious, planted them on the foreign soil they have invaded, as a symbol of victory.  Even little children understand the practice, and mimic it in their backyard games.


Caravan with Honduran Flag

The so called Honduran caravan that is currently marching toward our southern borders are brandishing Honduran flags as they march. They aren’t coming to our borders as humble refugees, they are coming as proud conquerors. They know they are not welcome as illegal aliens, the are defiantly coming across our borders to stake their flags on American soil and give Americans the big ol’ middle finger, and dare you to do something about it. They know full well they will be successful, and will melt into the Honduran community with those illegals already here, and our glorious politicians that we elect to protect us from this crap, will sit on their collective asses and do nothing.

The latest figures out now estimate there are over 22 million illegals in the United States. If that doesn’t amount to an invasion, then I don’t know what does. This is how I know it’s and invasion and not immigration. I live in an agricultural area, I encounter a lot of Hispanics. If they were serious about being here and becoming Americans they would speak English. If anyone calls them out for not speaking English they become extremely indignant and angry. Continuing to speak Spanish is a big “F you”.

My wife is an immigrant from England. She obeyed the immigration laws and became a citizen after several years and a lot of money. She is incensed that these people just walk in and start their lives without ever having to file masses of paperwork, and go through the process with the law. It is grossly unfair for the millions of legal immigrants that respected our laws and customs, and did it correctly. If the U.S. Government continues to allow illegals to take up residence here, they owe the legal immigrants a refund for all of the expenses they incurred becoming legal citizens. If the original immigrant has passed on, they owe it to their progeny.

Stop electing politicians that don’t respect the sovereignty of the United States of America. Send a clear message to your lawmakers you aren’t going to tolerate them giving your country away to people that don’t deserve it. Freedom and the American Way is not free for the taking. If you don’t take a stand you’re an idiot, pure and simple. ( AKA Democrats )


Old Glory

The United States of America has a Constitution that guarantees freedom of religion. Why do Christian churches that enjoy that freedom, disrespect the Constitution by encouraging illegal immigration and harboring them once they are here? I believe the bible quite clearly advises Christians to obey the laws of the land where they reside. A true Christian obeys the laws of God and man. 


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