World War ll Marine Raiders

Korean Vets

 Korean War Soldiers Taking a Break

vietnam war vets

Vietnam War Troops Getting Prepped

desert storm soldier

Desert Storm Fighter


American Soldiers in Iraq

Flag draped Coffins

Our Brave Fallen Hero’s Sad Homecoming

A great number of old white guys stepped up and defended this nation, and others from oppression when they were young men. They put the love of their country and their fellow citizens above themselves in the ultimate act of selflessness. Many of them came home wounded, physically and mentally, maimed and broken. Many came home in flag draped coffins. Be forever grateful for these brave individuals that protected your rights and freedoms. They didn’t fight and die for you, so you, could identify them with racial slurs, they fought and died for your right to be a total asshole. The young leftists of today, both men and women, are a disgrace to this nation’s heritage, as they continue to dishonor the flag, disrespect our veterans and trample on others rights. To be an American is an honor, if you don’t agree, and you live within the continental borders, please leave. True Americans find your existence disgusting.


Old Glory

P.S. Over 90% of first respondors are white males. So, if white males present a problem for you, be sure when you desperately need someone to save your sorry leftist ass, that you specify you will only accept the services of females, or a person of color. Let me know how that works out.


  1. Ben this article pushes the Race line. A lot of good men other then white men have sacrificed for our country. My Uncle Benny was awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart during WWII. He was Hispanic. It is not the color of the skin that makes a man it is the truth in his heart. Your friend Rich


    1. I can understand how you may have misunderstood the point I was making. This article was written as a rebuttal against the ever increasing chorus from the left against white folks, especially white males. I got mail from guys thanking me for pushing back against the leftist narrative. All I heard this past two weeks was the lefties screaming about how they hated “old white guys” and what rotten no good SOB’s they are. My Grandson and I talked last week ( he is a college student ) he told me he was sick of the man bashing especially white men. You probably don’t stay immersed in this stuff to the degree that I do. It definitely is a racial thing, I fully intended it to be so, but I was defending my race, not dissing anyone else’s.


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