crazy guy cartoon


LINDA SARSOUR: Watching an Arab woman, wearing Arab garb, leading a bunch of American women in an effort to champion women’s rights, is like watching Casey Anthony give a lecture on child rearing. Does anyone other than stupid leftist females believe this impostor? Give me a freaking break. Any woman following this idiot around and taking her seriously, should consider a psychological evaluation immediately, or put down the bong.

DIANE FEINSTEIN:  After watching her perform over the past two weeks, I’m sure more than ever, that they must lock her door at night so she doesn’t wander away. I’ll bet if you could see the papers that she carries around, the top page has her name and address on it in case she gets lost.

CORY “SPARTACUS” BOOKER: Not really any words to describe this piece of work. He should have recused himself from the hearing, as he was guilty of sexual abuse as a young man by his own admission. He is so full of himself, he even makes Barrack Obama look humble.

RICHARD BLUMENTHAL: This guy is more full of shit than a wheelbarrow in a horse stable. It’s hard to believe, that a guy that was willing to lie about his military service for personal gain, has the Gaul to lecture anyone on anything. What a dirt bag.

KAMALA HARRIS: When I watch her, and listen to her talk, she makes me cringe. She reminds me of those creatures we used to find under rocks when we were kids, you know, those creepy crawly things you wouldn’t dare touch or pick up.

JEFF FLAKE: I’ll bet he got his ass whipped a lot when he was a kid, he appears to be afraid of his own shadow. He has the spine of an earthworm. I’ll bet I could sell him a Yugo.

DR. CHRISTINE FORD:  My impression of her, is that the lights are on, but nobody’s home, or she deserves an Oscar for her performance. She’s either a total “air head” or damn great actress. Her whole testimony makes you wonder, why anyone would make an accusation against someone else, when you don’t know when or where it happened. She couldn’t remember how she got there, or how she got home. Did she walk, did someone drive her there, did she take the bus, was she even on this planet? This dumb ass is supposed to keep an absolutely stellar person from being appointed to the SCOTUS? If this is confusing for you, stay close to home until someone you trust can help you. You shouldn’t be alone.

SENATE REPUBLICANS: There used to be a sitcom on TV years ago called F Troop. Watch it on You Tube, and tell me it isn’t a perfect description of the Republican Senators. It’s too bad we can’t consider the House of Representatives a farm club, so we could retire the Senators and bring in young guys from the House with the spirit and energy to carry the Republican banner. We desperately need new blood in the Senate. We need people that will stand against the bully Democrats. That’s how I see it, for what it’s worth.


Old Glory

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