After I watched the Kavanaugh hearings, plus witnessing numerous other examples of women accusing men of wrong doing, it is abundantly clear that allegations of sexual misconduct, is the new and powerful political weapon of choice. What more could you ask for in a weapon mass destruction?

  • It’s cheap. Doesn’t require the services of an attorney.
  • You don’t have to produce a normal level of evidence.
  • You don’t have to cite a day, time, or even a year of the alleged incident.
  • You are not required to have witnesses.
  • A forged note in a yearbook will work.
  • It’s OK if the woman simply claims it was an assault with no actual sexual contact.
  • Doesn’t require a police report.
  • Doesn’t require a medical report.
  • A claim that psychological care was needed after the alleged incident will work.
  • Nope, none of the above is needed, just a simple accusation will do.

In the end, even if the so-called victim is proven to be a total liar, and everything she said was a total fabrication, the accused will likely carry the burden of that lie for the rest of their lives.

So, this is my solution: Sex Robots

  • Forget about the opposite sex, it’s simply too dangerous. They can ruin your entire life.
  • Sex robots will never claim that you sexually abused them.
  • You will never have to defend yourself in a paternity suit.
  • Robots don’t care if you have more than one robot.
  • Robots won’t interfere with your plans, you can do whatever you want, anytime you want.
  • It’s cheaper to go on vacations, you only need to buy one airline ticket.
  • Your restaurant bills will be cut in half.
  • You only need one TV, you can watch whatever you want without complaints.
  • Probably most important, robots will never divorce you, so you get to keep all your stuff forever.
  • If you get tired of your present robot, simply dispose of it, and buy a new one. No one cares, no one will be investigating it’s disappearance.
  • Think about it; No crazy ass in-laws.
  • Imagine driving as crazy and as fast as you want without someone screaming.
  • You can buy more tools with the money you save on women’s shoes
  • You can hang out at the Harley shop as long as you want.
  • Buy yourself a big bad ass male dog with balls. It will make you proud when you take him for a walk.
  • It’s simply a win, win.

Don’t worry about the women, they will be just fine without men. They are constantly making that exact statement. Remember the old bumper sticker from years ago that women put on their vehicles; “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”. Modern women go to great lengths to push that narrative.

So I say, do your research, the Sex Robot industry is growing fast. Simply withdraw from the whole male / female circus, and live a glorious life of freedom. Be a real man, do whatever the hell you want when you want. You will never have to hear someone bitch about your man traits. Being a man is a glorious thing, celebrate it, tell the world to go to hell, that’s who and what you are.

By the way, if you want to be believed, ditch the “man bun” dude. It looks stupid.


Old Glory    

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