Viking Warrior

Nope, that ain’t Columbus. That’s Asvald. He was a commander for Leif Erickson, the last guy in the world you would want to piss off. Him and Leif showed up on the shores of America about 500 years before Columbus. I’m not sure why they didn’t hang around. Probably because the native Americans had nothing of real value. I mean these guys liked gold and silver. I don’t think pelts and beads were going to satisfy their lust for riches. The British Isles were a far more lucrative adventure. That’s my guess anyway. I also think they probably liked more permanent type housing and carpentry wasn’t their thing. I’m sure when Leif and Asvald were sailing away, Asvald said to Leif, “What a waste of time boss”, you can forget about coming back to this shit hole.


This is Columbus. This guy doesn’t look bad ass like Asvald, but he’s way more sinister. Asvald just wanted to take your shit, rape a few women, and head back home with the gold. Columbus on the other hand wanted to rule over the natives and exploit them and the land for years not months. If you didn’t like it, tough, he would make sure you were eliminated. I’m not sure why the big deal about the guy, he really didn’t leave any real legacy behind other than being the so called discoverer of the Americas. But that story doesn’t hold water, because America was already inhabited. Apparently if you discover something while your walking, it’s not as important if you discover it by sailing to it. I’ll bet someday, they’ll find a monument in the jungles of Central America, of that guy that led the first party of explorers from Asia.

Setting aside the “tounge in cheek” stuff, I want you to think about something. It’s obvious to anyone that has an education higher than the third grade that the Europeans were far more advanced than the so called indigenous people that inhabited the Americas. It is a given that highly advanced civilizations are explorers. The governments of these more developed countries were ( and still are ) land grabbers. It’s just the law of the jungle. All of the whining and moaning, and protesting, ain’t gonna change that basic fact of life. If you think in your wildest imagination, that a continent such as the Americas, that abounded in natural resources, would escape the clutches of the Europeans, you don’t know Jack.

My friends, it was inevitable. Just thank your lucky stars the Brits won the race. It could have been a lot worse. It’s just common sense that the rest of the world wasn’t going sit back and let this whole damned place become a hunting and fishing resort. Grow up and stop whining. It was bound to happen and can’t be undone. I’m not sure why you’re so concerned about it anyway, none of those native folks were your relatives, it wasn’t your land they lost. You live on it now, it’s great, so what’s the problem. Enjoy the plunders of your ancestors and shut up. I’m getting tired of hearing your nonsensical babble. It was 500 years ago for crisakes. Find a hobby.


Old Glory



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