If they were lying to you, how would you know? Google now owns virtually all of the worlds unclassified data. I’ll bet only a small percentage of people have given that even a passing thought. People just blindly accept, that when you ask Google a question, the answer is absolute gospel, guaranteed to be 100% accurate. I don’t believe Google has ever made that statement, if they did, I missed it. I know a lot of people, who are very skeptical about Snopes, saying they lean left. Strangely, I have heard very little  concern expressed about Google and they definitely lean left.

Google is quite possibly, the most powerful company in the history of the United States, and it operates with little if any oversight from the Federal Government. I am constantly preaching about government overreach, but Google is getting pretty scary if you spend more than a few minutes considering what they are capable of. The reason the government takes a hands off approach to Google, is that they spread money around Washington D.C. like confetti, buying the favors of the lawmakers. Make no mistake about it, Google is manning the rudder and steering the ship to the left, very slowly so you won’t notice.

Google has slowly and quietly collected an incredible cache of data. The general population is delighted and amused that they can simply ask Google anything on any subject and they will receive an answer to their inquiry in seconds. Thus the term “google it” is now part of our everyday language. I personally find it beyond belief that anyone could actually accomplish such a thing. Just for kicks, today I went onto Google Earth and took a look at a house that I once owned in southern California, just to see what the neighborhood looked like 40 years later. I made the right decision to sell the house when I did. Not only has Google collected the world’s knowledge, it has also mapped virtually every square inch of the earths surface, and you can look at locations anywhere in the world from your computer.

This is the part that terrifies me, and you should be terrified as well. If Google owns all of the worlds knowledge, and their activities are not being monitored, they can very slowly, without anyone ever noticing, change history, and the present. History  would be easy to alter over the course of several years. The present would probably take longer, as they would have to be careful not to set off the alarm bells while squelching free speech. Make no mistake about it, that is already happening. Conservative ideas and speech are not permitted on social media outlets. Conservative writers and commentators are being blocked everyday. Recently my wife responded to a leftist maniac, calling him a moron. Facebook blocked her for three days for the comment. Yet the same page was filled with four letter words and really stupid comments.

This is important. Call or write your elected representative and demand that social media be under the same laws as radio and television broadcasting. These platforms are no longer simply internet communities, they are media outlets, and need to be governed as such. What Google has accomplished is totally amazing, but very, very dangerous to our freedom. Do your research, and you will find that what I am saying is true. No single company should wield such power over the population. There are several former Google executives that have came forward recently, warning us about what is going on inside Google, and it’s not good. They need to be regulated.


Old Glory



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