This is going to be difficult to structure so that it makes sense. As I have said before, I never studied writing or journalism, I’m just a politically active guy that likes to speak my mind. So bear with me on this.

I have always thought the actions of the left, after Donald Trump took office were over the top extreme, and I was perplexed by the level of hatred toward the man. I live on the west coast which has always been a haven for the lefties. The political demonstrators that showed up in the streets after the election were unusually violent. I was also surprised by the militant behavior of the women during the so called “Women’s March”.

So, to understand the violence and lack of decorum, I think you have to consider the age of the demonstrators. These people were raised in an atmosphere where punishment and accountability was totally absent both at home and school. They were literally free to act any way they chose with no repercussions. Since a large percentage were raised in single parent homes, the TV and computers became the babysitter. The content of information fed into their minds from these platforms is not likely to produce great citizens. In my opinion, these are people with no moral guidance, no manners, no religious beliefs, that deeply resent being told what to do and how to act. What makes these people especially dangerous is that they have learned by watching TV and movies that revenge trumps forgiveness, and their level of revenge has few boundaries.

There is also another factor that comes into play, which is leftist ideology. This is more than ideology, it’s a religion. The United States Government is their church. I think it’s only a matter of time before the Democrat Donkey appears in a Labor Temple, plated in gold, standing above an alter with a likeness of Comrade Victor d’Hupay.  I’m obviously being a bit sarcastic, which is one of my natural traits.

The leftist ideology ( religion ) has several articles of faith, which they take very seriously. I will name a few of the ones they will pretty much die for.

  • Abortion rights
  • Climate change
  • Open borders
  • Gay rights
  • Welfare
  • Single payer health care system
  • Women’s rights ( as if they didn’t already have them )
  • Totally free education
  • Ban all guns
  • Abolish ICE and the NRA
  • Curtail religious freedoms that interfere with leftist ideology.

There you have the source of hatred. The lefty teachers in our education systems have been preaching the leftist religion and disparaging the Christian faith for years. Mocking people of faith, portraying them as some sort of lunatics. The leftist clergy ( teachers and professors ) have successfully labeled conservatives as religious heretics, infidels if you will.

Donald Trump represents a clear and present danger to all they have been taught and believe in, and must be stopped at all costs. I think it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that it is a full on attack by the left to bring him down. They may regret this when the next Democrat President is elected. When patience, tolerance and understanding no longer exists, it becomes a dangerous world.


Old Glory

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