sculptor working close

A sculptor starts off with a large piece of material and with an idea of what he wants to achieve, starts chipping away at the large random shaped chunk until he reaches his goal. Thus, an age old saying about chipping away at something for a desired result, which applies to a whole lot of things in life, not just sculpting.  As you might imagine, taking on a large task is tedious work, and if you sincerely want to achieve that result you must never give up, even though it may take years to complete.

If you take on a really big project such as Mt. Rushmore, or Crazy Horse, two huge projects in South Dakota, you will have to have the assistance of a lot of folks, and a source of revenue to accomplish it. Also you will have to be organized on several different fronts, with extensive planning. The press will play a big part in this keeping folks interested even to the point of donating funds to your project.

In reality, I’m not really talking about building National Monuments, I’m talking about unseating a President. Removing a sitting President from office is a huge task. The Founding Fathers knew the viciousness of human beings all too well, and the Constitution makes it very difficult to unseat a President. However, the Founding Fathers probably never imagined the massive web of laws that would be created by the legislators in the next 200 odd years. It is almost impossible for a candidate running for a federal office not to violate at least one or two or more campaign finance laws. Although very few are prosecuted, they remain a hammer for your opponent to use if he is so inclined. I’m not going to get into all of the other snares and traps politicians have created. It’s a virtual mine field. ( It’s all politically motivated )

Enter Donald J. Trump. A highly unusual presidential candidate. A New York real estate developer, never before holding public office of any kind. Well known for his large hi rise buildings, casinos, and golf resorts. Not to mention a very swanky private jumbo jet, and large helicopter. Definitely a larger than life guy, with ideas to match. He also has no problem saying what’s on his mind in a less than diplomatic fashion.

During his campaign, he made it clear that he had a huge disdain for Washington D.C. and called it the “Swamp”. He vowed to expose the corruption and do his best to eliminate it. Thus, he basically declared war on the establishment. Not surprisingly, the establishment declared war on Donald Trump. The really big surprise was not the media, we all knew what side they would be on. The really big surprise was the “Deep State”, and what lengths they went to in an effort to throw the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. The “deep state” also had help from the establishment Republicans that liked things just the way they were. But, in the end the American Citizens prevailed and we elected the guy we wanted, urging him  to “take names and kick ass”.  We were damn tired of being treated like serfs. By the way, for all of you knuckle draggers out there, it had nothing to do with race, it was all about National Pride.

So, here we are, almost two years into the term of a duly elected President, and the battle rages on. The main stream press never ceases the negative reporting on Trump. Over 93% of the reporting is negative. This includes NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and others. Positive achievements of the administration are almost never mentioned. Big money donors like George Soros and the Koch Brothers don’t have any problem throwing millions at bringing Trump down. The Democrat lawmakers do everything in their power to make it impossible to pass any meaningful laws. The Universities and Colleges openly support resisting the Trump administration. City Mayors do little to quell violent street protests, and openly defy immigrations laws, obstructing the operations of ICE. Robert Mueller, just keeps hammering away at anyone connected to Trump in hopes of uncovering some type of incriminating evidence he can use against him.

The obvious plan here, in case you weren’t paying attention, is for the lefties to keep chipping away at the Trump administration little by little until it crumbles. The problem for all of these geniuses, is that Trump is not a quitter. He will fight to his dying breath. In the meantime, these fools are obstructing what could likely be one of the greatest Presidents, and periods of prosperity our nation has ever known. They are obstructing his efforts to restore our rightful place as the greatest nation to ever exist on this planet. If you don’t think the USA is great, please find another place to live, you don’t belong here. If you can’t stand for the National Anthem, you don’t belong here.


Old Glory

If you don’t want America to be great, you’re not a real American.



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