Things That Caught My Attention Today


Another beautiful American killed by a demented idiot. We have enough of these vicious animals that are home grown without importing more. This guy would not have been here if we were enforcing our immigration laws that are currently on the books. As a father of two girls I can’t imagine the pain her father must be experiencing right now. We absolutely must stop allowing people from just walking into our country and residing here illegally. We have no idea who they are or what their backgrounds are. The list of Americans being killed by illegal aliens just keeps growing. Wake up people, it’s time to elect politicians that are more interested in the good of Americans instead of non-Americans. Tell your Congressmen and Senators to put America first or you’re going to put them out to pasture.

Michael Shannon, was doing an interview with Playboy recently, and went off on President Trump. ( surprise ) His statements were unbelievably juvenile and ignorant. He is obviously a 16 year old kid trapped in a 44 year old body. He stated that Trump is incapable of deep reflection. He obviously suffers from that malady as well.

Duncan Hunter, ( pretty impressive name ) is a Republican Congressman from Southern California. He is accused of using campaign funds for personal activities. Like, over a quarter of a million dollars. If this is true, he truly needs to resign and take his medicine. I’ll bet if they looked really hard, they could probably indict 50% of Congress, and even more in the State Houses.

Imran Awan, do you remember this guy and his notorious Pakistani family? He was Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT guy. Actually he worked for most of the Democrats in the House of Reps. It was pretty obvious to everyone that this guy and his family were up to no good. He was running a spy ring and stealing Congressional computer equipment. When they discovered what was going on, his wife boogalooed back to Pakistan to escape the heat. So the Federal Prosecutors ( obviously heavily influenced by the Democrats ) turned a blind eye to all of that, and instead charged him with one count of bank fraud, and sentenced him to a mere three months of “supervised release”. Not one day in jail. If this guy had been working for the Republicans, the Feds would have appointed a special prosecutor and it would have gone on for years.

MTV VMA’s, what a joke this thing is. Their ratings are lower than the exhaust pipes of a Chevy in East L.A. The performers are too stupid to realize that their political rants make them about as popular as the herpes virus. Nobody I know wants to hear that crap, anymore than they want to hear it at any other awards show. We want to be entertained not lectured by someone that can’t manage their own life for longer than a month at a time. None of these entertainers are exactly towers of intelligence, or morals. Shut up and sing and dance, we don’t care what you think.

Peta,  it seems, has convinced Nabisco to free the animals from the cages on boxes of Barnum’s Animal Crackers, and instead show them running free. Now, this might just be me, but wouldn’t you think the bigger issue here is people eating the images of animals in cracker form? Just sayin’. Maybe instead, they could convince Nabisco to sell the same boxes with a little book inside about the evils of eating animals, and do away with the crackers all together? I’m certain that would be a huge success.


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