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We went to downtown Portland Oregon this past weekend with our friends to visit the Portland Art Museum. They have a very special presentation of autos from the Art Deco period. These cars are in reality fabulous works of art. They are commonly known as “streamliners”. The museum is housed in a gorgeous old building and the interior is very tastefully designed. Unfortunately, walking to the museum after parking your car is disgusting. The streets are inhabited by homeless people, in various states of inebriation from who knows what, laying and sitting on the sidewalks, laying around in the park across the street. The entire area smells like a giant outdoor toilet. The Portland Art Museum was established in 1892 making it the oldest art museum on the west coast. The area around it was designed to enhance the experience, but the modern day liberal maniacs have allowed the entire area to become a disgusting, smelly mess. I can’t even imagine what the founders would think if they could see what the modern day left wing fools have allowed the area to become. Very sad to see.

All of the great cities on the west coast are becoming unbearably filthy. They are being overrun by homeless people that the city governments are allowing to virtually dominate the streets. The homeless have actually taken over several residential streets in Portland, and even though the homeowners are pleading for help, the city government for the most part ignores them. Homeless people have no money, pay no taxes, don’t vote, own no property, so please tell me where they get their power to dominate city governments. The city officials act as though they are terrified by these people. Could someone please explain that to me? It is becoming a very big problem, for a lot of different reasons, and none of these elected geniuses have a clue how to fix it.

This is not a new problem. As long as the world has been in existence there have been beggars, or bums as they were once referred to. Most cities, large and small had vagrancy laws. Vagrancy is defined as a person with no visible domicile or means of support while able to work. Cities routinely picked up the vagrants, carted them to the outskirts of town and told them not to return. That’s precisely why there were shanty towns and/or hobo villages set up somewhere outside the city limits usually near the railroads.

Suddenly one day, these people were no longer bums or panhandlers, it was politically incorrect and cruel to refer to them as such. They became homeless people. Calling them homeless people had the connotation that they were simply regular folks that had a run of bad luck and lost everything, and suddenly found themselves on the streets. While that may be true in rare cases, the cold hard facts are, that the larger percentage of the homeless population are living this way by choice. They are in fact honest to goodness bums. If that makes you queasy to hear that, you’re part of the problem. There is not one reason to promote such a state of life by feeding and clothing them. They should be put on large poor farms, and made to work for their room, board and clothing. I think you would find the problem would be greatly reduced if not almost totally eradicated.

All of the bleeding hearts will be moaning, and groaning calling me cruel and heartless. What’s cruel and heartless is letting people lay around on the street in various states of inebriation with absolutely no hope, with no real chance at ever knowing any better existence. Overdosing and dying on a cold winter night and nobody cares. They pick up their bodies and dispose of them like garbage. Human beings living in total hopelessness is the epitome of cold and heartless. Even the mentally challenged are uplifted when they feel their life has purpose.

The government needs to fix this problem now. It is spiraling out of control, and the homeless populations are exploding in the midst of a country with less than 3% unemployment. As a society, we are better than this. We could fix this problem if we really put our hearts and minds into it, and kept the ACLU out of it. Why would we want to spend billions on going to another planet when we haven’t even been able to manage this one properly. We need to put our efforts toward improving life for all human beings, not just ourselves. By the way, don’t worry about people in other countries, fix this one first, then reach out to other nations. Get your priorities straight.


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