Chewing Dog

The question is; Do non citizens actually vote in our elections? If so, isn’t that the same as a foreign nation meddling in our election system? Let’s take a look at the facts regarding election fraud. People have been rigging, or trying to rig elections since the process was developed. When it comes to elections, emotions tend to get a little out of control. Joseph Stalin was supposed to have said ” it’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes”. By the way, no real record of Stalin actually saying that exists, but there is a lot of truth in the statement.

There have been numerous big American cities with a very bad reputation for having rigged elections. Chicago will probably come to mind most frequently. However, while I lived in the Seattle area, I saw numerous elections that were contested due to the discovery of ballot box stuffing. I specifically remember one election where hundreds of ballots had the same street address, and that address just happened to be the Democrat election headquarters in downtown Seattle. It seems the Dems were registering people to vote with no home address, and no identification,  so they just used the address of the election headquarters. Democrats are really good at doing this kind of crap, that’s why they resist the voter I.D. card idea put forth by the Republicans. Several of the so called ” sanctuary cities ” are now openly allowing non citizens to vote in local elections. The reasoning behind this is pretty obvious if you have an I.Q. over 25.

Take a moment and read the information presented in the link above and think about it. Then ask yourself, are our election results really that accurate. It’s certainly something to consider when you listen to all of the nonsense being put forth by the Democrats. The Democrats resist any form of voter I.D. stating that is discriminatory against minorities. Virtually everyone in the United States of voting age, has some form of I.D. , it is almost impossible to get the most basic services without it. My little pea brain says that people on some form of welfare are far more likely to have I.D., it’s their ticket to free stuff.

If you want free and honest elections, then demand that provisions be put in place to insure that. Do that by voting for people that don’t talk in “double speak” ( see Hillary ) and have a good reputation for honesty and integrity. ( that does not include Maxine Waters, or others like her )  Do your research and find out who you’re voting for, and what they stand for now and in the past. Most of all, vote to stop the creep of socialism.


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