I’ve Finally Had Enough!!!

one pissed off guy

This week, The New York Times newest employee, Sarah Jeong finally pushed me over the edge. Up until now, the attacks on white folks, didn’t bother me too much. They are irritating, but I didn’t let them get under my skin. But, these attacks are different, and indicate to  me that this hate speech that I have been hearing, is a lot more serious than I imagined. I can no longer ignore it, I am getting really pissed. I told my 9% French DNA to go hide in the closet while my 45% British DNA kicks some ass. My Brit DNA is backed up by some good ol’ Viking DNA, so beware.

I understand that Sarah Jeong is Korean. Before sweet Sarah spouts off again, I would like to remind her that 36,914 American soldiers died, to keep South Korea out of the hands of the communists. A few years before that thousands more American soldiers died defeating the Japanese. Remember the Japanese, the guys that kidnapped Korean girls and made them sex slaves for their armies? Most of those that died were young white men that were willing give up their lives for her country of origin. We are still there 65 years later protecting her people from communism. Her words are extremely insulting to those soldiers and their families. Sarah is a self centered, shallow, pathetic human being.

It seems to be fashionable these days to trash white folks, and blame them for everything, including plastic straws, and Walmart. I’m going to give you my perspective of the world as a white guy. Which by the way, I’m very happy with my DNA.

From my point of view, and from what I learned reading history, is that Caucasians have always been on the move, creating and developing nations and societies. While the Europeans were building cities, creating architectural marvels, the native Americans were still chasing Buffalo. So is it any wonder that when the Europeans started looking for new real estate, North America was the perfect target? Now before all of you knuckle draggers start calling me a raciest, I am merely pointing out the difference between builders and nomads. Yeah, yeah, I know about the Aztecs. By the way where are they today?

The Caucasian race has shaped this world pretty much from the beginning with great architects, inventors and scientists. I am extremely proud to be a member of the Caucasian race. They are indomitable warriors and fearless explorers, always willing to cross the next frontier. There are a lot of white folks that are rotten, I fully understand that, I’m not trying to say we are all saints, but don’t blame us for the fact that you don’t take advantage of the opportunities that are offered you in this great nation. I was born into a lower income family, but that didn’t mean I had to stay at that level, I wanted more for my family, so I worked damn hard to rise above that. I worked under some really bad conditions before the good times came. I’m still waiting for that so called “white privilege” to show up. I’m 77 years old and still working. Stop whining, being white doesn’t give you a free pass to success.

The only thing that creates success is education, hard work, and adherence to some basic rules of society; Focus on your responsibilities, stay sober and clean, stay true to your spouse, devote your life to your God and Family, be kind to your fellow man. Put those values in your life and your skin color or where you come from no longer matters.

Lastly, being a white guy, I have spent my life around other white people. I have never witnessed any of my white friends or colleagues, or the companies that I have worked for discriminate against people of color. In the year 2018, White people are not the blame for your problems. Suck it up buttercup, quit using us as an excuse for your inadequacies. If you can’t make it, it’s your problem sunshine. Remember, education doesn’t cure stupidity.






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