The “Lefties” Have Totally Lost It!

Mental_painThis how it must feel to a leftie knowing that they might be looking at eight long years under President Trump. There is ample evidence that this is how they feel every single day. They have literally lost their collective minds. There are far too many examples to cite in one article, but I’m going to cover some pretty epic stupidity.

Ice Protest

Abolish ICE protest in Portland, Oregon. Protestors established an encampment around the ICE headquarters office building and proceeded to harass employees working in the building. A food cart located across the street was observed serving ICE officers and immediately the protestors began harassing the cart owners, even threatening to kill their daughter. The Food Cart owners shut down their business and put the cart up for sale, saying they had enough. The threats against the federal employees escalated to the point they feared for their lives and safety, they called 911 asking for Portland Police protection. The Mayor refused to allow the Portland Police to protect the federal employees saying, ” I’m not going to use the Portland Police to protect and agency that in effect has it’s own police force”. The mayor denied the constitutional rights of the federal employees by refusing to protect them from possible harm or death simply because he disagreed with the premise of the federal agency. Lars Larson rightfully calls Portland, “Havana on the Willamette”.

The city stepped in and ordered the encampment disbanded only after it literally became a bio hazard, with empty food containers, trash, needles, human waste, and filth. The protestors left behind a mountain of trash and debris for the taxpayers to clean up. In the end, they accomplished nothing, other than forcing a food cart owner out of business, and making life miserable for federal employees simply trying to go to work everyday.


The “lefties” totally own this one, lock, stock and barrel. These policies are as un-American as you can get. These idiots are in effect allowing the invasion of a sovereign nation by illegal immigrants for no good reason. Can you imagine any reason why you would throw open the doors of your home and allow total strangers to come in and make themselves at home, and occupy it as if was their own? It’s pure insanity. To make it worse, these idiots protect them from federal law enforcement even when they are violent criminals, putting American citizens at risk. Why on earth, would public officials create a safe haven for people engaging in illegal activities?? It’s so stupid I can’t wrap my mind around it. Are they so hungry for votes to stay in power, they are willing to risk the lives of innocent people so they can stay in office?? None of it makes any sense at all. Public officials that endorse this type of activity should be stripped of their citizenship.


The “lefties” are now resorting to roving mobs, ready to reek havoc on a moments notice. Harassing elected officials and their families trying to enjoy dinner at a public restaurant, getting their hair styled, or while shopping at a grocery store or gas station. The infamous Maxine Waters called for these very activities at a rally in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. They are showing up at the homes of anyone they disagree with, harassing them on their own property. This type of activity eventually will lead to violence, and injuries to innocent people. I have not heard one single leader from the Democratic party asking their supporters to ratchet down the uncivilized behavior. The reason you won’t hear them say that is because they condone it. The Democrat city mayors turn a blind eye to the violence and tell the police to stand down. The mayors and city councils are as much of a problem as the demonstrators on the street. The demonstrators are the mayor’s soldiers of anarchy against the President. What’s really stupid about that, is that the mayor’s minions destroy public and private property in his own city. It’s sort of like taking a dump in your own living room. Forest Gump said it best, ” stupid is as stupid does”.


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