Examination of Policies


There are a lot of different kinds of policies, not just insurance policies. However, all policies, written or verbal have one thing in common, they let you know exactly what to expect if you subscribe. But most people are not interested enough, or they are too naïve to read the fine print, and are often surprised to find out they didn’t get exactly what  they bargained for.

Setting political parties aside I want to just talk about policies. There are a lot of folks on the left that are pining away for Barrack Obama, and would gladly accept him as their “forever” president. These very same people are accusing Donald Trump of wanting to become the first American Dictator. Someone please tell me how that makes any sense at all. Barrack Obama occupied the Whitehouse for eight years, so we have a very clear picture of what his policies are and what affect they had. We are just beginning to experience where Donald Trump is taking the country. Remember, we the voting public gave them the authority to enact their policies when we elected them. Maybe you didn’t vote for the current president, but the majority did, so you just have to ride it out.

Let’s be fair, Obama inherited an economy that was going down in flames faster than the Hindenburg. Drastic situations require drastic actions to correct them. Some pretty drastic actions were taken in the early years of Obama’s first term to stop free fall of the economy. I have to give him and his team credit for doing that. However, after the first few years of bail outs and subsidies, instead of focusing on how to revive the economy by stimulating growth and creating jobs, he and his team focused on trying to regulate their way out of trouble, being satisfied with lackluster economic growth. To make it worse, they threw everything at creating a government run health care system. Think about this for a moment, a government run health care system is in reality a huge tax. Why would you levy a huge tax on the population, during a severe economic recession when there are literally hordes of folks out of work, on food stamps and unemployment benefits? Barrack Obama believed this, and I am quoting him, “people are kidding themselves if they think manufacturing jobs are coming back to the US. He added, “it’s not going to happen, there is simply no way to make it happen”. ( paraphrased ) The real truth is, that Barrack Obama had no idea how to make it happen, so therefore in his mind is was not in the realm of possibility. The man clearly lacks the gift of a visionary, which all great leaders must have. Barrack Obama’s policies clearly failed, from the economy to his foreign policy. We experienced eight long years of total stagnation.

Enter billionaire business man Donald Trump, who built a fortune on big ideas and the courage to follow through on them. Anyone can have big ideas, but few have what it takes to turn them into reality. There is one huge difference in Donald Trump and Barrack Obama. Donald Trump sees the greatness in America and it’s citizens, and wants to make it even greater. Barrack Obama admittedly said, he didn’t believe America was more exceptional than any other nation. How successful do you think the New England Patriots would have been if Bill Belichick and Tom Brady felt that way. Donald Trump has a vision of a vibrant, strong, rich America, and is taking bold actions to make it happen. Donald Trump has a policy of hard work, and positive thinking, and we are all benefitting from those policies. There is no doubt he loves America and wants the best for it’s people. Obama Care was a giant shell game, remember “You can keep your doctor, you can keep your health plan”? Whatever Donald Trump is doing you know because he puts it on Twitter for everyone to read. The Trump administration is more transparent than any other that I can remember.

So, this is the way I see the policies of the two men. Barrack Obama’s two terms were like dark overcast winter days. Donald Trumps first two years have been like springtime, grass is getting green again, trees and flowers are starting to bud, the future is looking good again. It’s simply a “defeatist” policy vs. a “can do policy”. I don’t know about you but I prefer the latter. I’m pretty sure a defeatist never won the Medal of Honor.



2 thoughts on “Examination of Policies

  1. Juan Williams just said that “economic growth has continued under Trump and he deserves credit for that”. Basically giving Obama the credit for starting the longest sustained economic growth in history. So this will be their narrative this November. Obama started the economic growth and handed it off to Trump. Unbelievable how they can lie on national T.V. with a straight face. Obama actually said slow growth is the “new norm” before he left office. They won’t give Trump credit for nothing except negative news.


    1. Less than 2% GDP for eight years isn’t growth, it’s treading water. It’s like taking your care to the mechanic and telling him it won’t go over 30 mph. He keeps it a week and tells you you’re going to have to accept it. What he’s really saying is that the doesn’t know how to fix it.


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