Things That Passed Through My Mind


When you travel to a foreign land, most people immediately know where you come from, you don’t even have to tell them most of the time. They know where you came from by the language you speak. Most every nation speaks a language that is peculiar to that nation. Even though we speak the same language as England, I doubt that anyone would confuse a Brit with someone from Alabama. A common language, English, is the societal glue that bonds us all together and identifies us as Americans. No different than the Spanish language is to Mexico, or French is to France. So why do 25% of the people in the USA speak a foreign language in their homes? Forty seven percent of Californians speak a foreign language in their homes. Would it be fair to say that they are not interested in being identified as Americans? Is it fair to say they view their homes as a settlement in a foreign land, an outpost if you will? Any nation that wishes to survive well into the future, grow and prosper, must have a common language and culture. Diversity is another word for division. We are the United States of America, not the Diverse States of America. English must be designated as the National Language sooner than later.

In today’s super partisan political climate, it makes no sense for former high ranking officials to maintain their high level security clearances. When a new administration takes over, the transition teams should be able to collect all of the information from the outgoing team they will ever need within six months max. We do keep very good records after all. We have all seen the antics of former Obama officials doing their best to undermine the current administration, by feeding information to news outlets and leaking damaging information. Why don’t we just apply common sense; when you’re out of office, you’re no longer privy to classified information, period. Stop the nonsense.

Where the hell is Jeff Sessions? I know where Rod Rosenstein is, he’s running the DOJ. I saw Jeff giving a speech at some sort of event a few days ago, first time I have seen or heard him speak in what seems like months. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone more ineffective. You couldn’t say that about Eric Holder. Even though his policies were controversial it was obvious he was working for Obama.

Robert Mueller is spending tons of money and time prosecuting Paul Manafort. Does that seem as ludicrous to anyone else as it does to me? First of all he is just one of hundreds of guys that work as unregistered agents for foreign governments, including the Podesta brothers. Don’t think for a moment that if he is convicted that President Trump won’t pardon him. Be sure to pay your fair share of taxes this year, so the government can waste at least 25% of the money. What a bunch of Bozos.

Is Adam Schiff a human? I get the distinct feeling that he is a cyborg. Have you watched him speak? The more I see and hear him, the more sure I am, that he is a product of Boston Dynamics.

Stay strong, stay true to the American ideals, beware of the socialist insurgents ( lefties ).




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