Last Friday, the Inspector General’s report was released exposing the inner biases of the Department of Justice and the FBI. It is 500 pages of damning information regarding the rampant political biases within those departments, which just happened to be perpetrated by the Democrat lefties. With the mid term elections coming up in a few months and the polls showing the Democrats losing serious ground, panic set in. The Democrats had to take serious, immediate action. So, in order to drown out the damaging testimonies being given this week in Congress, the Democrats created the so called horrendous practice of children being ripped from the arms of their parents.

This is my conspiracy theory; The DNC has an emergency meeting, and they agree this is not going well for them, and they need to create a crisis. What better topic than immigration. They call all of the major Democrat leaders and lay out the plan. The Democrat leaders in turn call the media, and get them on board. The media immediately starts heading to the border to film the detention centers and splashing the footage all over the news, as well as file footage from the Obama years showing children in chain link enclosures, and attributing to the Trump administration. The Republicans should be driving the narrative with the House Investigation into the DOJ and FBI corruption, but the Democrats have orchestrated this giant fake crisis and put the Republicans on the defensive. This could have only been done, with the mainstream media water carriers.

These are the cold hard facts. All of these suddenly pious Democrats wailing and moaning about the children ripped from their mothers arms are lying pieces of shit. These are the same people that vote again and again for partial birth abortion, and abortion for selection of gender. It doesn’t bother these monsters when a baby is ripped from it’s mothers womb and shredded. These are the same miserable pieces of crap that have done everything in their power to downplay the importance of the family unit, and are well on their way to make the American male totally irrelevant. The Democrats have proven over and over, that there is no issue too low, or too despicable, if it will buy them more power.

The immigration debacle has been going on as long as I can remember. None of the previous Presidential administrations, Democrats or Republicans even tried to fix it. All they did was give it lip service, and did nothing. As far as I am concerned, all of the previous members of Congress, Senate, and the Presidents, should be tried for negligence and stripped of their retirement pay, and forced to take Social Security instead. Let them live like the people that they trampled on over the many years that this has been going on. Make them pay for the good folks that immigrated lawfully and paid large sums of money and waited for years. The people that cross the borders illegally are nothing but criminals and thieves. Sorry, I have no respect for you if you are here illegally. I welcome all immigrants that come here lawfully, and want to become Americans, not set up an outpost for their native countries. The Latin American countries have a vested interest in illegals coming here, because they send millions of dollars back to their native countries and help sustain the economies. Sending money back to their native countries should be stopped immediately.

Don’t be fooled by the noisemakers, they are liars, and manipulators that only want to use the common folks to stay in power. In reality they care nothing about you, no matter what your race, or nationality. You are pawns in the game to further their agenda, nothing more. Did you see any outcry or demonstrations over the mass shooting that took place in New Jersey this weekend? That’s right, you didn’t, their wasn’t anything to be gained. Illegal immigrant children being separated from their families, trumped American citizens being gunned down at an art festival. Go figure. Get smart, wake up.


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