My Shorts


Michelle Wolf recently defended Samantha Bee, and called Ivanka “useless”. I can’t think of two people more useless than Michelle Wolf and Samantha Bee………..Oh wait, there’s Bill Maher and Stephan Colbert.

John McCain: This man has a totally overblown idea of his position and importance in the grand scheme of things. He just needs to shut the hell up. His relevance is right up there on the level with Bill Clinton’s.

Maxine Watters: She put on a rally last week in her home state in California and eleven people showed up. Not a exactly a mark of a ” mover and shaker”

Jeff Flake: See comment above regarding John McCain.

Lindsay Graham: Is there anyone this guy doesn’t want to go to war with?

Trey Gowdy: Wow, Trey sort of went off the rails a couple of weeks ago, stating that an informant in the Trump campaign was OK. Weren’t we worried about Russians infiltrating our political system? Wouldn’t you think if that was the case, they would infiltrate Hillary’s campaign as well? Maybe Trey’s obsession with his hair style is somehow affecting his ability to sort out shit.

Nancy Pelosi: If you’re a Republican, you have to love this woman. She’s like a flashing neon sign that repeats the message that Democrats are totally clueless.

Jennifer Lawrence: Haven’t heard anything about her lately. That’s good, really good.

Mariah Carey: Saw a report recently that her Las Vegas show is “on the ropes”. Going to  see Mariah Carey would be about as exciting as seeing Harvey Weinstein perform with the “Chippendales”.

Justin Pierre James Trudeau: What a piece of work this guy is. He’s a vanilla and marshmallow human being. He’s a personified Frenchman. You know those guys, they roll over at the slightest threat and give away their entire country without a fight. Yeah, he’s one of those guys. Super dork.

Angela Merkel: I’ll bet her DNA would show her to be predominately French. What a loser.

England: What a sad, sad story this is. Those idiots have handed over their country to the far left maniacs that are hell bent on it’s destruction. They recently jailed a reporter for reporting the truth on the gang rapes of young British girls by Islamic gangs simply because they want to conceal the truth. The whole damn country has collectively lost its mind. Britain is slowly killing any form of free speech. This isn’t going to end well.

Venezuela: This is an extremely critical situation. It’s officially more dangerous than Syria, and it doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar?????

Independence Day: Be sure to “take a knee” and thank God for the privilege of being an American, immediately after you stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and you thank the brave men and women that fought and died for your freedom.  



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