Bits and Pieces

broken glass

To my loyal readers, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been as productive as usual lately. I’ve had a couple of other projects I have been doing. The weather is getting noticeably better, and I have been able to go outside and get some things done that were long overdue. Also, the news has been pretty lackluster as of late. So in this issue I am going to cover several different items that stirred my interest.

UFO’s are back in the news. I love UFO’s. More video was released this week from an encounter off the east coast that took place in 2015. If you haven’t seen it, make an effort to do so. Also, sort of related is the story about black holes. I have always heard that if anything enters a black hole, it is compressed down to virtually nothing but energy. Apparently there are lesser black holes ( you can tell I don’t know Jack about black holes ) that if you were to pass through one of these, your past would be erased and you would have the opportunity to exist in multiple lives. This is according to some genius mathematician that is supposed to be able to figure this stuff out. By now you are asking what do black holes have to do with UFO’s. Well maybe ( beware, this is a theory by an a total math dummy ) there are an infinite number of parallel time dimensions all existing at one time. Perhaps some of the time dimensions are way more advanced than we are. How hard would that be, think Maxine Watters. Maybe, just maybe, those infinitely more advanced folks venture into our time dimension, since, as the mathematician says, they are able to live more than one life. That’s the best I got.

While we’re on the subject of stupidity, I heard today that Nikolas Cruz told the school therapist that he was going to shoot up the school. He called the FBI twice and told them he was going to shoot up the school. He made it known on social media. Two other people reported him to the FBI. I think the only thing this guy missed was Craigslist. In the end it didn’t matter, nobody did their job. So sad that 17 kids died for who knows what reason.

It’s premature to speculate on what is going to happen in regards to North Korea. But, one things seems pretty clear to me that President Trump out crazied Kim Jong Un. It’s also pretty hard to keep spending huge sums of money launching missiles when you ain’t got no money, and your folks are starving. If you’re markets have been cut off so has your cash flow. That makes it really hard to fight a war. I don’t know the last time you purchased rocket fuel, or ammunition for your artillery, but it gets pretty expensive pretty darn quick when you start trying to kill lots of folks real fast. Check out the invoices from Iraq.

Jennifer Lawrence said after the Oscars she was taking a sabbatical from acting to become and activist. Well, she seems to have changed her mind. Funny thing about alcohol.

The Republicans from the House Intel Committee released their findings today in relation to Russian Collusion. Over seventy witnesses, thousands and thousands of documents. The conclusion, NO COLLUSION. Which begs the question; What the hell is Mueller doing other than wasting your money? They are now calling him the ” unguided missile “.

The Democrats pretty much abandoned DACA when they found out that it would cost them “chain migration” and the Visa Lottery. Suddenly the price was too steep. Ahh, the art of the deal.

I’m looking forward to warm weather, getting the old yard in shape for summer, and just getting out and enjoying the outdoors. I would not even attempt to make a claim about being a back yard cook. I ruined a perfectly great rack of ribs last summer. I took major ridicule for at least a month. My goal this summer is to learn to cook ribs. I’ll let you know how that goes when I get the nerve to try it again. ( If they let me near the BBQ )




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