Some Things To Consider


There has been a fixation on the safety of our school children as of late, since another halfwit decided to kill a bunch of his classmates. Add another two dozen or more idiots that were asleep at the wheel and allowed him to do it. A lot of people were screaming out that a crazy guy was planning on doing something stupid and nobody was listening.

I’m going to give you some numbers to look at. Think about them and try to find the sanity. The numbers I am going to give you are dealing with youngsters only.

School Shootings: About 15 homicides and five suicides per year nationwide

Drugs and Alcohol: 37, 758 per year nationwide

Abortions: 324,000 annually. ( these kids didn’t even make to kindergarten )

Abortions since 1973: Since Roe vs. Wade, 54 million babies have died.

General Population Deaths by Overdose: 2016 more people died from overdoses than in the entire Viet Nam War.

Roughly about a half a million human beings a year lose their lives to things other than guns. Do you think all of the clamor over gun control is really about something else after  seeing these numbers? In my opinion, our society has more to worry about than guns.

I have something else for you to ponder. You can get a nice big fat traffic citation for fooling around with your cell phone while driving. Does it make any sense to you that auto manufacturers are putting large touch screens in cars to control it’s functions? I recently drove a Chrysler car with a touch screen. To operate the ventilation system you have to take your eyes off of the road far too long to adjust it’s functions. The same applied to the sound system. I’m sure all other autos are now similar, but it makes no sense to me. How is that different from a cell phone? How is it not just as dangerous?

Be vigilant. The lefties are crafty, and will happily use tragedy to whip up public emotions to get stupid laws passed. They hate the first and second amendments and will use any excuse available to damage their effectiveness.




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