How Did The “Lefties” Get This Crazy?

crazy guy cartoon

                                                                   “Leftie Louie”

I think it’s an amazing phenomenon how this all happened. I’m not enough of a conspiracy nut to think that on a dark stormy night, in an abandoned factory in Detroit, that this plan was hatched up by 20 shadowy characters in black hooded robes, sitting around a large round table illuminated by a single 60 watt bulb. Nope, I think it just kinda happened, from a whole host of random ingredients thrown into society by many different sources.

I think the initial spark plug or catalyst, whatever you want to call it, was the movies. It took TV awhile to become a viable factor, due to very conservative rules in programming which eventually were eroded. My reason for saying this is based on the natural tendency for young people to want to rebel against the old guard. Having lived through the fifties as a teenager I can testify that the rebel mindset was alive and well. One of the wildly popular movies of the day was “Rebel Without a Cause”. It captured the mood perfectly. Also “Blackboard Jungle”. These movies were very stirring for young people.

I have made this statement before. Hollywood is very, very good at producing films that portray the seedy side of humanity. Some may call it the dark side of humanity. In the sixties, the portrayal of sex, violence, and drugs accelerated on the big screen. Hollywood also did a great job of glorifying the rebellious side of youth. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that these types of movies don’t plant seeds the minds of young viewers that are already on the wrong mental pathways. It is my opinion that Hollywood single handedly planted and harvested the seeds of the sexual revolution. Hollywood has always sought a world of unbridled sexual activity where anything goes. Read the history of some of the earliest days of Hollywood, and the famous actors and actresses that led crazy, wild lifestyles.

In the mid to late sixties, it was apparent that young people were becoming much more likely to engage in behavior their parents and grandparents would not have. From my observation ( I was there ) I think this was the turning point when the mind set we see today was born. It was the beginning of the free wheeling attitude where anything goes. I remember a song with lyrics that said “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”.  It was a generation scrapping pretty much all of the beliefs held by it’s predecessors. The problem was, that is was done out of rebellion, and no thought was given as to why the “hand me down” social “do’s and don’ts” existed in the first place. The new generation just knew they didn’t want to be restricted from doing whatever felt good. Oh yeah, remember that phrase from the sixties & seventies, “if it feels good, do it”.  Obviously crafted by an immensely intelligent person. ( on drugs )

After the sixties on into the seventies the left became increasingly lenient when it came to lawbreakers. I remember hearing people comment that the criminals had more rights than the victims. Corporal punishment was banned in schools. Parents were being urged to not use corporal punishment in their homes. Youngsters were receiving much less  punishment for their misdeeds no matter where they occurred. Schools initiated not keeping score in games played by pee wee teams so nobody would get their feelings hurt if they lost. At the end of the season everyone got a trophy for just participating. When you loose and you know it, you play one hell of a lot harder next time. Losing doesn’t hurt you, it makes you stronger, makes you try harder, prepares you for life as an adult.

The left did the same thing in academics. Nobody failed anymore. Even if your grades sucked you still moved onto the next grade level. When I was a kid, I was scared to death that I would fail and be the laughing stock of my classmates. I made damn sure I passed. I was also afraid of the reaction of my parents if I came home and told them I failed. Failure was not an option. It should still be that way. If everyone simply accepts the fact that it doesn’t matter, that there are no consequences, you end up with a bunch of lazy useless people that expect to be rewarded for doing nothing. Sounds a bit like socialism doesn’t it. When you think about it, it shouldn’t surprise you that Bernie Sanders garnered so much support. It should also scare the hell out of you.

So, back to my opening statement, I don’t think this was part of a sinister plan by a secret society, I think the ideology of the left simply grew over the years for all of the reasons I just laid out. There is an ever growing number of people that don’t want to face the consequences of being failures. They want the all mighty government to make sure they still have all of the necessities of life, even though they didn’t do a damn thing to deserve them. They’re lazy. They don’t care if they live in government housing, receive menial government handouts every month, they can lay on their sorry asses and do nothing.  This is an absolutely a non racial problem, it cuts across all ethnicities.

When the majority of the population gets to this state, the lefties will have won the war. First thing to go are the guns. The next thing to go is the freedom of speech. The Constitution will be slowly dismantled so that nobody gets excited, and before you realize it, you are no longer a citizen but a subject.

So if you find yourself at a political fork in the road, I would strongly advise you to veer to the right. It’s as close to the “Yellow Brick Road” that your ever going to see. Choosing the left is the “Highway to Hell”.  








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