More Bits and Pieces

broken pots

Is everyone else as sick of seeing and hearing Hillary Clinton as I am? I am at a total loss as to why she thinks we give a damn why she lost the election. After all what does it matter? Remember when you were a little kid playing sand lot games, and two hot shot kids were the team captains, and they started choosing who they wanted to be on their teams. Well that could be a pretty humbling experience. If you were the last one chosen it was pretty obvious to you and everyone else that you sucked. Can you imagine Hillary as a little kid driving everyone crazy for the next month explaining why she was the last one chosen. It all comes down to the same conclusion….she sucks.  I mean think about it, Donald Trump is constantly on the move with seemingly boundless energy, while Hillary is falling down stairs in India. Hillary, shut up, and suck it up baby, you’re a loser.

I’m pretty sure Adam Schiff is going to be coming out with a book soon called “What Happened” part two. He will be explaining how the satanic Republicans were able to prevent him and the other lame brain Dems from proving Trump/Russian collusion when it was so darned obvious anyone should have been able to see it. I can even see him and Hillary doing a joint book tour. Won’t they make a sweet looking pair?

Someone please explain this to me. Nikolas Cruz the Florida school shooter is trying to save his ass. He says he will plead guilty if the death penalty is waived. C’mon, it’s not like we don’t know who did it?? What makes this dummy’s attorneys think they have any leverage over anything. There were dead bodies and loads of witnesses. Is there anyone that’s not sure who did it? Sheriff Israel is a total dumbass, but he’s not even that stupid. So, what difference does it make whether he pleads guilty or not. This creep deserves to die just like those poor kids he gunned down in cold blood.

Last but not least, the gender debate. The last I heard there are folks out there claiming that there are over seventy genders. Oddly enough these claims seem to be coming from our establishments of higher learning. Does that sound a little paradoxical to anyone but me? I’m wondering if any of these other genders are about to produce offspring? If so, I can’t wait to see what they look like. Will they have rainbow colored hair? Will their skin color be multicolored, sort of like a calico cat? Will they have more fingers and toes than normal people have? I’ll bet they’ll be dual sexed, having both male and female genitalia. I’ll feel good about that too, when I tell them to go screw themselves.

Life is good, only if you stay thirsty. Always beware of liars and cheaters. AKA politicians and car dealers. Remember, email and people are a lot alike. If they don’t look or sound right, if they give you an uneasy feeling, hit the delete button. If you find out later you made a mistake, hit the retrieve button. Be smart, don’t be a victim.







One thought on “More Bits and Pieces

  1. Republicans have 2 genders. Democrats at least 70 plus. What is coming is the special privelages these68 genders are going to command. Another covert tax increase. Expect anything less?


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