TV News Channels Turned Activists

CNN                                  The Democratic Broadcasting Network / AKA CNN

When I was a kid about a hundred or so years ago, I remember the big three networks had an equal time rule. I have no idea where it came from, perhaps an FCC ruling, I’m not really sure. However, If a TV station aired a segment from a Republican source, they were obligated to give the Democrats equal time. That rule is obviously no longer in play. Considering the fact that folks were a lot more civil in those days, it may have been self imposed. If anyone has information on this please share it with me in the comment area at the bottom of the page.

Pre Bill Clinton, the lefty bias on TV was always there, but it was  considerably more subtle. When the Clinton’s came on the scene, in my opinion, the left imagined it was going to be a reiteration of John F. and Jackie Kennedy. Or Camelot as the Democrats and the press liked to call them. Bill Clinton was every bit as much of a womanizer as John F. was, just not quite as discreet about it. Comparing Hillary to Jackie is like comparing a plow horse to a thoroughbred. After the Clintons settled into the Whitehouse they started all of the same shenanigans they engaged in while in Arkansas. What they didn’t count on, was that the playground was one hell of a lot tougher in DC. I didn’t take long for Bill and Hillary to amass a goodly amount of enemies. The Republicans would not rest until they saw good ol’ Bubba impeached. And, that my friends was the beginning of the political nuclear war we find ourselves in today.

After the eight year campaign against the Clinton’s the Democrats were thoroughly pissed.  George W Bush took over the reins and he was in for one hell of a battle. The Democrats were out for revenge. Not only were the Dems out for revenge so were the major news outlets. When George W rode off into the sunset, and Barrack Hussein Obama was inaugurated, the left had the largest simultaneous orgasm the world has ever known. There wasn’t a dry crotch in the entire Democratic party or the major TV networks. Alas, after eight years of non stop Whitehouse parties and lavish vacations, and lots of golf, good ol’ Barrack didn’t really accomplish much. One of his biggest accomplishments was to make the racial divide in the United States worse than ever. He also presided over the most anemic economic recovery ever, and will forever be known as the most left-wing President in history. The GDP never rose above 2% during his time in office. His largest cheering squad during his lackluster performance was, you guessed it, major TV news and mainstream media outlets. ( Excluding Fox News of course )

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, enter Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The major TV news outlets took off the gloves and were all in for Hillary. CNN even gave her the questions before a televised debate. They covered for her in every way possible while openly trying their best to destroy Donald Trump. The Celebrity Apprentice was an NBC production, they had a long relationship with Donald Trump. The so-called “Access Hollywood” tapes were property of NBC and had been locked away for years. When NBC thought the time was right to drop the bomb on “The Donald” to destroy him once and for all, they secretly released them to the Washington Post. Everyone thought that Trump would never recover from the release of that tape.

As it turns out, the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape turned out to be a dud. The reason was, that Hillary was a horrible candidate with absolutely no message to uplift anyone. Donald Trump was wounded but not seriously. For the rest of the campaign, the media kept trying to make the tape matter, but in the end it didn’t. They are still trying to dig up old affairs among other things.

Since he took office, the left has been tirelessly trying to make the case that he and his campaign staff colluded with the Russians to rig the election. They have been driving this story for over 18 months with absolutely no evidence that it ever happened. Rod Rosenstein of the DOJ made an announcement last week that the investigation could not find that any American had wittingly colluded with the Russians in the presidential election. End of story.

The way it appears to me, is that this is not going to get any better, anytime soon. So, I think it’s time to re-invoke the old equal time rule. If a news outlet airs a segment that is pro Democrat, they should be obligated to give equal time to the Republicans. That way, everyone will have fair and equal representation. This rule should not be extended to talk radio. Everyone understands that talk radio preaches to the choir. TV news  is different, CNN, MSNBC, and the big three bill themselves as news outlets, and they are clearly biased for the left and a socialist agenda. They are in essence an extension of the Democratic Party. Think about this, the Democrats own the main stream media, and it didn’t cost them a single penny.





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