Interpreting the Headlines

the Great Carnac

Admittedly I read and listen to a lot of news from a lot of different sources. After reading the articles I pay attention to how the story unfolds over the next few news cycles. I think I have gotten pretty darn good at reading between the lines discerning what the real truth is behind the words in the headlines. I have listed a few below.

Broward County Sheriffs Office Investigates That Multiple Deputies Stayed Outside During Parkland Massacre.  What this really means, is that Sheriff Israel is trying to save his ass. When you offend the governor, your state senator, and one hell of a lot of conservatives, you probably need to update your resume.  

Russian Spies Hacked The Olympics And Tried To Make It Look Like North Korea Did It.  This is what Russians do for a pastime. They don’t have baseball, football, or politics. Engaging in politics in Russia is not healthy. The only smart thing I ever heard John McCain say is that “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country”.

After a Testy Call With Trump Over the Border Wall Mexican President Shelves Plans to Visit Whitehouse. Enrique Nieto visiting Trump in the Whitehouse, would be like you visiting someone’s house, to which you owed a large sum of money, and had not paid back. It would be awkward and uncomfortable.

Trump’s Hardline Approach Is Forcing Immigration Advocates To Readjust. They can’t figure out how to deal with a President that won’t back down. Every politician “caves” sooner or later??? Who does this guy think he is?

NRA Responds To Boycotts. NRA has five million dedicated members, what the hell do they care if a few car rentals boycott them. The NRA is a gun club that sells nothing but memberships and some NRA gear. These companies announcing boycotts have been hoping to get NRA members to use their services by offering discounts. How is this a big deal? The discounts they offered weren’t that great. So what?

Tiger Woods Squanders Opportunity At Honda Classic. Same shit, different day.

Harley Davidson Is Sad And Getting Sadder. The loyal Harley customers are getting older and many are hanging up their leathers. Younger motorcyclists are more interested in smaller more agile bikes. the Harley image does not appeal to them, and Harley wasn’t paying attention. Marketing is supposed to see this crap.

Columnist Mona Charen of The Ethics and Public Policy Center was booed at CPAC When She Criticized Conservatives For Supporting Roy Moore and President Trump.  Mona’s not too bright. That’s about the same as Dana Loesch showing up at a anti gun rally.

One more rather obscure headline I saw today said that Jennifer Anniston’s husband has been making her live in bad conditions, and they have now split. I can’t imagine that anyone gives a rat’s behind about Jennifer Aniston’s living conditions. What the heck is relevant about this? Why is it even in the news?

Beware of “Fake News” everyone. It really does exist. Remember what Edgar Allan Poe said, Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see”. (paraphrased) I totally believe that the truth shall make you free. Very few people have good enough memory to be a successful liar, and politicians refuse to give up. I love it when they deny saying something and someone plays a video of them saying it. Karma baby!



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