Barking Dogs

barking_dog_cartoonDogs bark at everything, sometimes they have a favorite thing to bark at like squirrels, other dogs, mail men, you name it. Most of the time they just bark in vane, nothing changes. Tomorrow comes and they wake up and start barking again. It’s a never ending cycle.

In reality, I’m not talking about dogs, I’m talking about people and guns. A prominent person gets killed, a little child of a prominent person gets killed, a bunch of people in a school or church gets killed and all of the dogs start barking. Immediately calling for all guns to be banned. Meantime, while they are barking about the school shooting where ten or fifteen youngsters were killed in a up scale area, 50 to 75 youngsters were killed in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and other big cities. But these kids are not from wealthy neighborhoods, they’re from the ghetto. Somehow, it’s different when poor kids are getting slaughtered. The barking dogs are silent. Why aren’t the ghetto kids worth getting upset about?  650 people were murdered in Chicago alone last year. 38 times more dead people than the recent school shooting in Florida. Did you see any anti gun rallies related to all of those murders? I can’t remember a single one. Not one demonstration.

Maybe people in Chicago, and other large cities are just more hardened to murder and it doesn’t matter as much as it does in Florida, where murders are much more uncommon, and cause a lot more emotional distress. The knee jerk reaction of the Floridians is, we can’t allow this to happen again, everyone has to give up their guns. I seriously doubt that before last weeks shooting in Parkland Florida, that one Parkland resident devoted even one second of thought to the people getting murdered in South Chicago, Baltimore, or Detroit.

This whole thing is not about guns. This didn’t happen when I was a young man, and guns were just as common as today, and almost no regulations. I could walk down the street with a rifle and no one even gave it a second thought. No my friends, this is all about screwed up culture, and people with screwed up brains. Parents rely far too much on electronic baby sitters. TV, video games, computers and movies. By the time a kid is a teenager he or she has seen and untold amount of very realistic violence and death, sometimes mixed with pornography. Then to makes things even worse, they are getting no spiritual guidance anywhere. Then when the kids start showing signs of depression, which was caused by all of the junk that’s been fed into their brain, they put them on anti-depressant drugs. It’s pretty much downhill from there.

This is a societal problem, not a gun problem. Societal problems are very hard to fix if not impossible. Because nobody wants to change the way they live. They think their lives are just fine. It’s everyone else that’s the problem. What we’re talking about is a country of very selfish human beings, unwilling to consider change for the overall good of humanity. A lot of people talk about it, songs are written about it, nobody does a damn thing, they just bark.

This is the simple formula for fixing this problem:

  • Two parent families ~ preferably male / female ( I don’t want to hear your crap )
  • Daily allotment of time for family activities and communication.
  • Children need to have household chores and responsibilities.
  • Access to electronics must be limited and monitored.
  • Children must understand discipline and accountability.
  • Evening family meal is very important
  • Church attendance is very important to help a child understand reverence.
  • Parents must set examples of good behavior and respect for others.
  • Remember; Monkey see, monkey do.
  • Husband / Wife relationship and expression of love is an important example for children.
  • Family loyalty to one another is very important for children to experience.
  • The family creed should be based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Those are my twelve commandments. If the entire population lived by these twelve items the multitude of our current societal problems would go away. There will always be a loose cannon, that disrupts lives, but there will be one heck of a lot fewer to deal with. The plan I just laid out is pretty much like herding cats, or nailing jello to the wall. My gut feeling is, that the genie is out of the bottle and he don’t really wanna go back in, he just wants to complain about being cold.




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