One More Idiot With a Gun: Part Two

School Shooting Mourners

Florida Students Mourn The Loss of Their Classmates

The first article I wrote about this horrific event, was written before the news broke about how the law enforcement community, both local and federal, totally dropped the ball. We now know that the local police had been called to the home where this nutcase lived 39 times for domestic violence. He was living with a friend after the death of his mother last November. The family he was living with was aware that Cruz had an AR15 rifle, but made him keep in a locked safe, but he had the key. Key point here is that the local police were familiar with Cruz, and his propensity for violence.

The school was also aware of Cruz’s propensity for violence. The school officials had found gun related items in his backpack and had a standing order that he was not allowed to carry a backpack on school property. He was very open to his classmates. about this intentions to commit violence. One of the students said months before, “if we ever have a shooting it will be him”.

He posted a number of disturbing pictures on this social media account, even a sign saying the wanted to be a “professional school shooter”. He was reported to the FBI twice, ( I believe the letters stand for the Federal Bureau of Idiots ). The geniuses at the FBI blew it off, didn’t bother to respond. Maybe they were busy chasing Russian election hackers?? Maybe they were meeting with the other halfwits in the DOJ planning on how to save their asses in the Uranium One debacle. Whatever they were doing, they weren’t doing their job. The whole seventh floor of the FBI should be fired, including Christopher Wray.

From my perspective, law enforcement in the United States either view themselves as political operatives, or are being led by political operatives. Politics and Law Enforcement should forever be separated. Maybe, since the imbeciles in power can’t seem to make that distinction, we should pass laws that guarantee the separation. What the heck, maybe a Constitutional Amendment.

Wrapping this up, 17 people died needlessly last week. The reason; law enforcement was not doing the job that we pay them to do, that we expect them to do. We hire professional law enforcement personnel, and fire fighting personnel to be there when we need them, no questions, no excuses. We give them expert training, weapons, cars, trucks, fabulous retirement packages and insurance. They need to get off their asses and do their jobs. If you need more proof of what I am saying, look at how many institutions dropped the ball on the Texas Church shooter. He was also well known by law enforcement. But the first people to drop the ball was the United States Air Force.

One more thing; The FBI has this thing that they say, you’ve heard it many times, “if you see something, say something”. Now who ya gonna call “Ghostbusters”?


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