Totally Wrong Priorities

Seattle homeless camphomeless camp Portland

                       Homeless Camp Seattle                                  Homeless Camp Portland

Politicians have totally given up on fixing this problem, all they do now is try to manage it to the best of their abilities. I am now seeing smaller cities grappling with growing homeless populations, and it’s obvious nobody has any viable solutions. The magnitude of this phenomenon has virtually exploded in the past twenty years. The growing homeless populations are now becoming not only a public nuisance, but a serious health issue that threatens the general population. There are limited sanitation facilities for these people and they end up defecating and urinating in public spaces which causes the spread of disease. They also dispose of their used hypodermic needles wherever they damn well please. There are volunteers in Portland, Oregon that patrol their neighborhoods picking up used needles to protect their children. This is because the city of Portland allows homeless encampments to exist in close proximity to residential communities. A residential community where children live and play should not have to deal with such craziness. A large percentage of the homeless population engage in all types of criminal behavior, not exactly the kind of people you want living in your neighborhood.

So, why do all of these folks gather in and around large cities? The reason, is that most large cities have left leaning administrations, that can’t come to grips with reality. They cater to the homeless, and provide them with food, shelter and services. They have allowed their ideology to displace their common sense, if they ever had it. Homeless populations need to be placed in compounds, complete with sanitary services, shelter, and police protection. The cities then need to make it unlawful for them to create makeshift encampments, and sleep on the streets. It is just plain wrong for the general population, that work and pay taxes, to not be able to enjoy an evening, or shopping day downtown without being concerned about their health and safety. When I pay almost $4,000.00 per year in property taxes I expect some benefits from that money. I don’t expect to have to weave my way around people laying on the sidewalks, and begging for money. It is  estimated that it costs the cities about $3,500 per month, per homeless person to manage the problems they create. There are plus or minus, about 5,000 homeless people in Portland, Oregon. That my friends is $17,500,000.00 per year of your tax dollars managing a fixable problem. Over the past twenty years they have spent $350,000,000.00 and are nowhere near solving the problem. It is worse now than ever. Think about this for just a moment, the dollar amounts I mentioned above are for only one city. Add in the money from all of the other major west coast cities. My friends this is a very, very, large problem and everyone seems to want to look the other way and pretend it doesn’t exist.

As if the homeless crisis wasn’t bad enough, the lefties want to allow millions upon millions of immigrants into this country that have no education or job skills. Sadly, a great many of these immigrants are low I.Q. to boot. There are already thousands of these folks adding to the homeless populations.

So, I have a unique idea to present to the left wing idiots and misguided Republicans. Why don’t we solve the homeless problem, and clean up our cities before we allow millions more into our midst that we have to educate, in hopes they will assimilate and become productive citizens. It just seems like a good idea to me, to solve a really big existing problem, before creating another one. Just sayin’


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