Need More Power? #Me Too

S.I Magazine

                               I Don’t want to be looked upon as a sex object. Really?

So, do they think these pictures are only going to be viewed by asexual people. I think this picture would be viewed with pleasure by most men and most lesbian women. Just a guess anyway. I’m sorry but I am highly amused by women who say they detest being thought of as a sex object, and then continue to be seen in public barely dressed. Don’t you think that to be a little oxymoronic? I’m not advocating burquas but come on people get your head out of your butts. If you just arrived on earth early this morning, you may not have picked up on this yet, but straight men love to look at women’s boobs, and butts. We like the way they look. It’s also not uncommon to have sexual thoughts while engaging in this daily activity. It’s part of being the opposite sex. That’s why the population of the earth has continued to grow ever since Adam took a bite of that apple and became enslaved to earthly desires.


girl in the desert

The epitome of purity ( the sand )

Women are acutely aware of the power they possess. I have witnessed it time and again. It’s not always the physical looks, they can put on that poor, pitiful, innocent woman act and literally sway juries. I was in my early twenties and was summoned to be a juror for the first and only time in my life. I will never forget this case. The defendants were a single mother and a daughter living on a small acreage. They failed to properly maintain their fences and the horse got out on the highway. A car hit the horse and seriously injured the driver and passenger. The driver of the car was suing the horse owners for damages and injuries. The horse owners were clearly at fault, for negligence. The jury found the defendants not guilty. I saw it with my own eyes, the jurors felt sorry for the mom and her daughter and ruled in their favor. They skated because they played the poor innocent woman act perfectly. The jury literally ignored the law and ruled on emotions. That’s female power.

Poor old Harvey. He was simply doing business as usual in Hollywood. The same as it’s been done from year one. Everyone knew how it worked, especially the women. People come to Hollywood for fame and fortune, and good ol’ Harvey made it happen for a lot of women. The price they paid for it was no different than it was in 1935. So what happened? Why such a sudden uprising of the women? They were totally OK with the arrangement for years. What’s the big deal for trading a little skin for fame and really big money?

The women’s movement has been getting consistently more militant over the past few years, and the younger women like Rose McGowan, were ready to throw down the gauntlet and say enough! Wow, talk about the domino effect. Once ol’ Harvey fell, they realized they were able to pretty much take out anyone. Once Harvey was gone, and he had no more power to destroy careers, the doors of the fortress were kicked in with vigor. All of those women who felt they had been taken advantage of were out for blood. Taking out Harvey Weinstein was pure genius. He is a big scruffy overweight, disgusting looking guy. From now to eternity, when a woman says she was sexually harassed, the image of Harvey will come to mind, and mounds of pity will be heaped upon the woman.

As usual, the political world seized this opportunity to get into the fray. Immediately it became a movement with a name. The swords were drawn and the battle was on. What a deal this was. You can accuse some guy of a misdeed that allegedly happened  30 or 40 years ago, you don’t need any evidence or witnesses. You can strip him of his career, and reputation without even walking into a courtroom. But more importantly, if he is a political opponent he can be drummed out of the race on nothing but hearsay. The burning question in my mind, is why does a woman’s word carry more weight than a man’s. Even other men are more than willing to cast their stones to preserve their own careers. It is a ludicrous state of mind, and it is totally against the rule of civil law. The “#me too” movement is all about power, nothing more.

So, don’t you think it’s a bit ironic that women like the ones pictured above, can parade around in public and in the entertainment media with little or nothing on, and still claim the moral high ground. God help the guy who dares touch one of them or say the wrong thing. I can actually see a scenario where a man says the wrong words to a totally naked woman and get charged with sexual harassment. People, it’s getting that crazy. It is a well known fact that there are a lot of unscrupulous women in this world. Think Hillary Clinton. I don’t trust women any more than I do men. So when a woman makes an accusation against a man, she needs to be able to prove it. I’ve known far too many liars in my life to accept mere hearsay. Show me the proof, Lisa and Gloria.




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