All Men Are Not Created Equal

tribal guy 2After you read this article, you can call me a raciest or anything else you want, because what I have to say is simply that all men are not created equal, and all societies are not equal and never will be. According to the latest scientific findings, man has been on this earth for about 200,000 years, give or take a few decades. So, in this giant marathon that mankind has been participating in all of these thousands of years, I think that anyone with the comprehension of a grapefruit would agree that some are closer to the finish line than others. Why do you suppose that is??? Don’t you think that it would be safe to assume that some are simply better equipped at winning the race than others? It is my belief, like it or not, ( I actually don’t care if you like it because I ain’t running for office ) that through the years of man being on earth, some groups just developed a better gene pool. I don’t pretend to know why that is, it just appears that way to me. I’m about as close to being a scientist as you are to Jupiter.

If you have a problem with what I’m saying, think about this. About 400 years ago, the white guys from Europe settled America that was inhabited by the native Americans and pushed them onto reservations. Now, that wasn’t too hard because the Europeans were already into the industrial age, building large sailing ships armed with cannons, and were well into the art of firearms. The American natives were still hunting with bows and their largest water craft were canoes. Considering that the American Indians probably inhabited what is now the USA which is far richer in natural resources, for as long as the white folks inhabited Europe, why do you suppose the Europeans were so far advanced? If you know the answer, please share it.

The Romans built a fabulous city with aqueducts to supply them with water, and marvelous buildings. They gathered in the Coliseum to watch the lions eat the gladiators, while the Africans were living in grass huts trying not to end up the same way. The Romans were conquering Europe with huge armies, and the Africans were out in the bush trying to find something to eat before they got eaten themselves. All of the scientists agree that life originated in Africa, so why the disparity between the two groups?

Rex Tillerson  7235_richardbranson

Now, looking at people from our time, I see the same things. Rex Tillerson, and Richard Branson are just two, of many rich and powerful guys. There are a lot of rich and powerful women as well. According to what everyone says these people make up what is called the 1%. I don’t happen to be in that group. I’m not in that group for a number of reasons. I’m pretty sure these guys are smarter than I am. just sayin’. I’m pretty sure they have a better education than I do since I only did two years of community college. But the biggest difference is simply this, I didn’t have the drive to be at that level. I just didn’t have the interest. I wasn’t willing to give up all of that time away from my  family and my motorcycle.

The bottom line folks is simply this, people are all different. Some are way different. You can’t take a guy out of the Congo and make him a Wall Street executive. A Wall Street executive would last about five minutes in the Congo. I just want the idiots on the left to quit saying this bull crap, it just aint’ so. Some guy that was born and raised in Calexico and walks into this country illegally probably won’t ever be an executive at GM. He’s more likely to be washing GM cars at the local car wash. For once I wish people would cut the PC crap and tell the truth. I’m not sure how you feel about it, but I would much rather have immigrants that are smarter, with more initiative, and loftier goals, so that it makes the USA a stronger player on the world stage. Right now we seem to leading the world in service workers and petty criminals. Don’t drown in the kool-aid



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