Dilution of American Values

Portrait of Young GirlI can say with certainty that I am a very strong supporter of women. I just happen to have two daughters, seven granddaughters, and four great granddaughters. So you might say I am more than a little biased on this subject. The United States isn’t perfect when it comes to respect for women in general, but a whole lot better than most. There will always be predators that commit horrible acts, but that is certainly not the norm. As you have seen in recent years, there have been some high profile cases of molestation of young men as well.

In my opinion, the United States, during the twentieth century made great strides in women’s rights, and the overall level of respect for women. Women now take their places along side of men in business and government, and we are better for it. However we are allowing our nation to be flooded with individuals that do not share our respect for women. The immigrants from Latin America come from a society that has extremely low respect for women. It is not uncommon for Latin American immigrant males to perpetrate sexual crimes against very young females. Take a look at the information below.

GALLUP gathered data from around the world and determined that Latin Americans are the least likely to treat women with respect and dignity. Only 35% of adults in 22 Latin American countries say their women are likely to be treated in this manner. Below are the results of their polling.

World Data on Women .02

United Nations report says that Latin America and the Caribbean is by far the most violent region in the world for women. The rate of sexual violence against women outside of a relationship is the highest in the world. Second highest for those in a relationship. Three of the ten countries with the highest rates were in the Caribbean. Femicide occurred at a devastating level in Central America where 2 out of 3 women were murdered because of their gender. Femicide in Mexico has recently risen to epidemic levels largely due to the increased Cartel activity.

The bottom line here is that we are trying to make America a much better place for women, but our politicians are allowing an unmitigated flow of people into our country that have very little regard for women. The lefties got their underpants in a wad when   Donald Trump, talked about criminals and rapists flooding into our country during his campaign. The statistics fortify that claim. The lefties have a bad habit of ignoring the facts, and portraying the world so that it fits their narrative. It is extremely important for the safety of our citizens, and the growth of our culture to reform our immigration system. We need people that have respect for law and order, and respect for other human beings regardless of their gender, race or religion. We need people that genuinely want to be Americans and be part of the restoration of America. Do not let our politicians dilute our American Values for votes.



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