My Shorts


Our National Asylum

Chuck Schumer: AKA “Cryin’ Chuck”, head nut from the Democrat side of the aisle. His performances are pathetic and predictable. Extremely boring. No ideas of his own, he just opposes everyone else’s.

Nancy Pelosi: This woman is about as useful as a ladder without rungs. I can’t remember the last time I heard her say anything slightly coherent.

Frederica Wilson: It’s pretty bad when your only claim to fame is wearing novelty store cowboy hats, cheap gaudy jewelry, and saying totally dumb shit.

 Maxine Watters: She’s even dumber than Frederica Wilson. The people in her district that keep re-electing her must be a really special group.

Al Green: Known for his incessant attempts to convene impeachment hearings for Donald Trump and looking a lot like the caveman from the Geico Commercials.

Elizabeth Warren: AKA “Pocahontas”. Knows all of tricks on how to work the system to obtain benefits and status from being a minority, except she’s not a minority, just a plain, everyday ol’ white woman. It’s not hard to fool people that would give away the farm if they had even the slightest idea they were helping a person of a minority race. It helps purge that guilt of being white.

John Lewis: I understand he suffered greatly at the hands of others during a civil rights demonstration years ago, and because of that he is considered a hero among the civil rights crowd. Unfortunately, it appears that he now sees everything through the prism of race. His view of President Trump is his right to have. However, in my opinion, it doesn’t say much for his overall character.

Adam Schiff: This guy is just a hopeless political hack that lacks any sense of reason or ability to see the truth. If it doesn’t fit the party narrative, it must be a lie. Honestly, his personality fits his appearance perfectly.

John McCain: This guy has to be the most confused man on earth. He still can’t figure out if he’s a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent or what. He’s all over the place. One thing you can count on though, his position is always on the wrong side of things.

Lindsay Graham: Another form of John McCain. They like to hang out together, which reminds me of that thing my Mother always said; “Birds of a feather………… you know.

Jeff Flake: Wow, how appropriate is his name? Looks like his nose has been broken a few times. Why do you think that happened? Probably caused by that orifice just below his nose.

Bob Corker: Another appropriate name. Another loser.

I could go on for another hour, but you get the idea. There are plenty of knuckleheads on both sides of the aisle, the ones above just happen to be special. Watching these idiots in action is really painful. The racism that abounds in the “black caucus” is disturbing to say the least, yet they think everyone is raciest but them. What a bunch of “whack jobs”.  We are the most powerful nation on earth, but we a huge collection of “nuts” in our government. Frankly, if the leadership of the other major powers in the world are worse than ours it, doesn’t say much for the future of mankind. Sleep well.



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