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The place President Trump was talking about

Could this be the place President Trump was referring to?

Sorry, call me callused or whatever, but I don’t think these folks would bring favorable change to your neighborhood as immigrants. Also, I doubt if you’re going to find very many scientists or engineers in this location. I think it makes perfect sense to encourage immigration from locations where the populations are, let’s say, more advanced in the art of civilization. That understand how to create and maintain a functioning infrastructure. Just sayin’.

The Obama Presidential Library

I saw an architectural plan of the proposed library a few days ago. I must say that the size of it matches his ego perfectly. The folks in the area don’t sound pleased with it either. Having been to the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, Ca. and the Ronald Reagan Library in Semi Valley, CA. I have somewhat of a bench mark in this matter. The Richard Nixon library is fairly modest in comparison to Ronald Reagans. Considering how the two presidents left office I suppose that makes sense. So, thinking about Ronald Reagans library, with Air Force One perched smack dab in the middle of it, I have an idea for Obama’s Library. He could have a similar room, but instead of Air Force One, a black, unmarked aircraft, with pallets of money on the floor beside it. Atop the pallets of cash, there would be animated figures of the Mullahs celebrating their plunder, singing “Yo Ho HO, Look at all of this dough from O”, sort of like the “Pirates of the Caribbean” in Disneyland. They could call it the “Pirates of Tehran”. Writing about this, made me wonder if the Mullahs are contributing any money toward this endeavor. I mean these guys and Obama have to be pretty “tight”, wouldn’t you think?

Oprah Winfrey and the Presidency

Obama 2.0, Think Angela Merkel, Think Justin Trudeau, Think Theresa May, Think Emmanuel Macron, Think ” it’s a totally stupid, boneheaded idea that only a left wing idiot would ever consider. You think I’m being a little too harsh? I mean she was responsible for Dr. Oz. You remember that guy? I only saw him on Oprah’s show once, and he was exhibiting a penis taken from a dead guy. Not sure what the point was. She was also a friend and business associate of Harvey Weinstein. He’s still alive but his penis may as well be dead. Actually come to think of it, a lot of the same women that were of Oprah’s couch were on Harvey’s couch.

Hey people, the world is overflowing with stupidity, you need to work harder than ever to sort it out. Just remember, my motto at the bottom of my page; Truth Conquers.



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