Progressive or Regressive?

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This Nation was founded by people that wanted to escape an oppressive socialist style of government. They didn’t want the government telling them how to worship, or live, they wanted to be free men and women. Reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights it’s very clear what their intent was. In the early days of this nation, some towns experimented with Communism and they nearly starved to death. You can read all about it in history books. Well, I’m not sure about that anymore. There has been a lot of historical revision going on in the past few years. The virtues of capitalism were established very early on, and the newly formed nation began to flourish.

From the very beginning, people from many nations, not just England settled this country. They were however mostly European. But they came here with one thought in mind, to build a new nation. They were one in thought and purpose. They didn’t come here to re-establish their home country, they came here to be part of something brand new and different. That’s precisely why the United States grew so strong so quickly. Everyone was working toward the same goal. This nation wasn’t built by celebrating diversity, quite the opposite. Diversity is what happened thousands of years before, at the Tower of Babble. The term E Pluribus Unum was chosen very wisely. From many people one Nation. It doesn’t mean everyone segregating themselves in  their own area, speaking different languages, and having their own culture. It means everyone joins together in unison with common goals, and a common language, to create a strong and sovereign Nation.

For the first two hundred years, those ideas and goals stayed pretty well intact. Then the Democrats decided we needed more immigrants. Not well educated immigrants but folks that they could manipulate and turn them into Democrats by doling out favors and free stuff. When I was a young man, I moved to the Los Angeles area in the mid sixties. I didn’t know jack about politics and didn’t care. But I knew one thing for sure. because I worked in and around LA and I was acutely aware of the huge influx of illegal immigrants. The INS officers as they were called then, would make raids on the businesses in the industrial area and haul away bus loads of folks, and take them back to the border. The same people would show up a few weeks later. It was all a waste of time and money. Then suddenly in the early seventies the raids stopped. Someone, somewhere, pulled the plug on those operations.

The point I am trying to get across, is that this type of immigration does not reinforce the ideas this nation was built on. The fact that 45% of California households do not speak English, bear this out. The real reason Democrats push for virtually unmitigated immigration, is that it’s almost a certainty, these people will eventually become Democrat voters. This strategy is by all measures regressive.

Democrats love to regulate everything. They will tax anything that moves and even some things that don’t. They think businesses are cash cows for their welfare programs. One of the most unfair taxes I have ever seen is Washington State’s B&O tax. B&O stands for business and operations. If you run a business in Washington state and your gross sales for the quarter are $300,000.00 your taxes come right off the top, no deductions. Although the percentage is relatively small, if you have a good quarter your tax bill can be pretty darn significant and difficult to pay. It is one of the more obscene taxes, and there are a lot of them. Heavy regulations and taxation are profit killers. Democrats have always made the claim they are the champions of the working class. If that’s true, why do they make it so hard for the corporations that employ all of these folks, to make a profit. Democrats are not friendly to corporate America and that is regressive.

Over the years the left has been able to gain a real stranglehold on public education. Our schools have suffered greatly. Youngsters coming out of high school are finding it very difficult to gain admission to colleges simply because they are not properly prepared. The public school systems are failing them. The graduation rates in the US are appalling. Granted, it’s not all the fault of the schools. The left leaning idea that it’s OK to be a single parent, and perhaps even preferable, makes it even more difficult for youngsters to navigate the system successfully. The left’s war on families is nothing more than a ploy to make people more dependent on government. Yep, more Democrat voters. That my friend is super regressive.

So, I don’t get it. Why do they call lefties progressives? There isn’t one damn thing they do, that I would call progressive. To the contrary. Almost everything they do puts more shackles on you in the form of regulations, useless laws, and more taxes. They make it harder for your employer to make a profit. They make it harder for you to start a business. They even tax you when you die, and make it harder to pass on the fruits of your life work to your heirs. Stop and think about this; The only thing the government is really responsible for is your safety and the infrastructure. Probably at least 75% of what they spend your tax money on, is none of their business.




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