The Media Circus & Other Crazy Stuff

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ” don’t you have something better to do “.  People usually use this phrase when they observe someone doing something that is, in their mind trivial to say the least. That’s precisely how I feel about what is termed the main stream media. They spend huge amounts of time spinning nonsense about President Trump. Don’t they have anything better to do? There has to be other things to report on. I suppose when your so focused on your intense dislike for something or someone, you just can’t bring yourself to talk about anything else.


I didn’t really know much about this guy before the election last year. I knew he was connected to Breitbart News, but I never read his stuff. From what I have heard, he is a pretty far right guy. I used to follow Andrew Breitbart and I had a lot of respect for his investigative reporting. Again, I know very little about Steve Bannon, but he never impressed me when I heard him speak. He looks like a disheveled mess, hardly someone that would command your attention, other than digging into your pocket for change, expecting him to hit you up for money. My opinion of him at this point in time is he  someone that is out for himself, and has no loyalty to anyone. One of those ” anything for a buck ” guys.


What a surprise. Well, it’s really not, at least for me. I have seen so much corruption surface in the Federal Government over the past several years, I’m not really surprised by anything anymore. I think anyone that is awake for at least two hours a day, realizes that the elite politicians, and the wealthy, can literally get away with murder. Read O.J. Simpson, Ted Kennedy, among others. So when you see the FBI stacking the deck in Hillary’s favor, are you really surprised? Well, it looks like we are going to get another look at it. Will it matter, who knows? Stay tuned.



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