Politicians, Immigration and Pot

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   The undeniable fact is that politicians don’t give a rip about you, your family, your neighborhood, or anything else. They care about themselves, preserving their positions, and their chosen political party. Remember that statement while you read the rest of my blog.

   There is not one single thing that is good about illegal immigration. There is not one thing that benefits the welfare of the United States of America. Illegal immigrants pay very little tax other than local sales tax. The only ones that benefit from illegal immigration, are the people that exploit the immigrants, forcing them to work for low wages, just a few notches above slavery. In order to get by, the immigrants have learned how to work the welfare system, and get help from the government. So what it creates, is a sub level class of people in a semi socialist world. They know if they show up at a hospital, they can’t be turned away. They get free medical care. Most of these people come from countries with a socialist style government, it’s perfectly natural to them. Illegal immigration is a huge cost to the American taxpayer. Being in this country illegally, they can’t vote. At least not lawfully. So you have to ask yourself, why do the left leaning politicians turn a blind eye to this problem? Why do they in reality, support it?

   Democrats portray themselves as the champions of the downtrodden, which of course includes the illegal immigrants. Make no mistake about this, they don’t really give a rip about the welfare of these folks, it’s about building a huge voter base to keep them in power. Every so often they raise the roof, and cry and whine, saying that these hard working, honest folks deserve amnesty. They have been working and living here for years, being part of our communities. They deserve citizenship, they’ve earned it. Once they become citizens and are able to vote, do you think they are going to be Republicans? Of course not. They embrace socialism, it’s the way they survived. After these wonderful people become citizens, the Democrats forget about them and move on to the next group to exploit. In the meantime, your cities and towns are struggling, trying to figure out how to deal with the poverty and crime this creates, while the Democrat politicians are safely insulated in their gated communities dining on rich food and wine. No impact on them at all.


Let’s be honest here. Marijuana is a mind altering drug. Nothing more nothing less. It may have a different affects than alcohol or opiates, but it is none the less, a serious drug. Pot use has always been suppressed. Therefore not much is known about the affects of it’s long term use. Considering the amount of smoke that pot users inhale, I can’t imagine it doesn’t cause some serious damage to the lungs. Think about this for a moment. The state lawmakers literally stripped down the tobacco companies through the courts, and made them pay millions of dollars to the states to create a fund to pay for people with tobacco related diseases. I would be willing to wager that very few of those dollars if any, ever went to help anyone with tobacco related illnesses. Once that money got into the hands of the state politicians, it was long gone.

Also, smokers were shamed and treated like lepers. Smoking was banned almost everywhere in the public domain, even in public parks. It was amazing how almost overnight smoking became socially unacceptable.  But, suddenly all of those concerns about public health no longer matter, when it comes to pot, it’s a huge cash cow for state governments. They don’t give a shit about lung damage, brain damage or any other ill effects of pot use, because it is lining the state treasuries with millions of dollars. The states have long been facing that fateful day when they can no longer pay the retirement benefits of PERS. They can’t possibly levy enough taxes to offset the impending doom. Then marijuana came along and saved their asses. The state governments have suddenly became your local pusher.

The states are so gleeful about this new found fortune, that they have rushed into the pot market without any of the usual restrictive laws that govern liquor and tobacco. Both of these satanic substances are heavily regulated by state boards. Oh, the states have regulations regarding pot, but anyone that has any knowledge of the business can and will tell you the states almost never enforce the regulations. Can you have a liquor store near a public school, not on your life. Can you have a pot store near a public school, no problem. Here is the bottom line people, The Democrats are money hungry mongrels. They could give a rip less about the problems this causes, they are safely insulated in their gated communities dining on rich food and wine. No impact on them at all. The Democrat mantra is ” show me the taxes “.





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