First blog post


I moved my blog to a new home to have a more normal address that’s a little easier to remember and type. This is my first blog so I’m a little unsure how it’s going to look when I finish. The political scene is kind of boring at the moment, all of the actors, good and bad, are off enjoying the Holidays. I hope you enjoy my picture I posted below. It’s a Hennessey Venom on the Texas Mile. That’s the stuff that makes me tick. I came out of the womb searching for my first car. Unfortunately, as much as I love cars, I could never afford the ones I really wanted. The cars I want are owned by the 1%.  I never quite made it to that level. God blessed me with a talent to draw and paint them, that’s good enough for me. Occasionally I will post one of my pictures for you to view.

I did see something on the Fox News web page today that highly amused me. This is a perfect example of the term “snowflake”.  This happened at a dorm at Michigan State University. It seems someone lost a pair of shoelaces, still packaged. Another person saw them laying on the floor and picked them up and hung them on the door knob next to where  they found them. The person living in the dorm thought they looked as if they were made to look like a noose and reported it as a racial hate event. How bad of a state does your brain have to be in to see that in a package of shoelaces.


4 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Trump calls a shithole a shithole! Progressives need to find newer terminology of at least 10 words to define shithole. May I suggest ” any backward, socialist, uneducated, ignorant, morally corrupt, dictatorial, population gathering” BSUIMCDPG for short.

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