NOVEMBER 15, 2022



I told you so! Just a few days ago in my last blog, I told you this was going to happen, and WALA, just like that after two of the most politically horrific years in this nation’s history the jerks that have been tearing this country apart at the seams, retained power. I have to ask you; do you really think the American people are this stupid? This was just a replay of 2020 orchestrated in a slightly different manner, but with the same results.

The people in Penn state elected one dead guy, and one live guy with a dead brain. The people in Arizona elected a dimwit for governor that can barely speak, refused to debate Kari Lake because she’s as dumb as a stack of hammers, and hasn’t shown up for work as the Secretary of State for weeks. Katie Hobbs was in charge of the state election board as SOS, and should have recused herself during the elections process, but refused to do so when asked. By some miracle, Katie Hobbs won by just over nineteen thousand votes, and magically pulled ahead late in the game when supposedly, ballots were being counted from heavy Republican areas. I’m sure Kari Lake is asking “what the hell just happened”? Pretty much same scenario in Nevada. Tonight, Republicans are one seat away from controlling the House. The Dems are no doubt, dealing from the bottom of the deck, trying their best to not let that happen.


I realize that the Constitution says the individual states are responsible for managing elections. That was obviously a workable plan when there were only a few states. I’m not sure the founding fathers ever imagined the United States would evolve into what it is today. How could they?

Make no mistake, the Democrats are exploiting the Constitutional rule. If we are ever going to have free and fair elections again, the voting laws must be standardized across every state. The states can still manage the elections process but must adhere to universal election rules.

If voting machines are allowed, they must be manufactured by no more than five firms and must have identical operating systems. Machines must be sealed and locked to prevent tampering. Machines must be certified by an independent laboratory whose employees are deputized and bonded.

If “in person” voting becomes the preferred method of voting, the ballot counting machines must be certified to be in proper working order, and have back up machines in case of break downs. Machines must have a current certification sticker or will not be used.

Absentee ballots should be issued only after proof that the voter will not be able to vote in person. Early voting and ballot harvesting must be stopped. No ballots should be counted if not received by 8:00 pm on election day. Drop boxes will no longer be needed and should never be used again. Ballot boxes should be under constant surveillance by election workers, and in view of security cameras.

Election results must be posted by 10:00 am the day following the election. No exceptions.


CNN should be elated. Ever since Biden snuck in the back door of the White House, their ratings have plummeted. Biden is about as exciting as watching paint dry, and they are forbidden to report any negativity at all on Dems. I would expect Donald Trump to begin campaigning immediately. All of the wacko people will once again appear on the landscape and start looking for ways to tear down ‘Ol’ Orange’. The Dems knew this would happen, that’s why the rape charge has re-surfaced. Hold on to your seats, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride for the next two years.

I greeted the news with some reservations. I absolutely think Trump is one of the greatest Presidents ever, but is he the right guy to take back the White House at this point in time? I’m not sure he is. I will be analyzing this closely in coming weeks. The political landscape is really strange right now, not a familiar place at all. My biggest concern is one that I have expressed several times in my blogs. If he wins, he is going to be a “one termer”. That’s a bit risky. A two-term president can initiate some lasting changes, a one termer, not so much. On the other hand, if De Santis were to run in 2028 and capture the flag for eight years, that would be twelve years of Republicans in the “oval”. Two great candidates for sure. By the time the 2024 election rolls around, I’ll be well on my way to 84 years old. That said, my concern is not for me, but all of the younger folks that have 20,30 years or more to work and live the good life. The Dems need to have a good ass whoopin’ and quit trying to turn this country into a socialist hell hole.


Democrats are two faced liars. Leftists are promoting transgenderism, which is diametrically opposed to womanhood, while telling women they are on their side. Women are marching for their grievances, and transgender males are perpetrating violence and threats of violence against them. The video I saw today was despicable display hatred against women. So, the next time a Democrat brings up the word misogynist, tell them to “pound sand”.


It’s a proven fact that people over fifty years old rarely survive a serious head injury. Paul Pelosi was said to have had a fractured skull and underwent brain surgery as a result of the hammer attack. It’s a miracle, he’s back home and resuming his life a short six days. Thank God he had a St. Christopher in his pocket.



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