NOVEMBER 9, 2022



Donald J. Trump, the man people love to hate. You have to admit, the guy is larger than life, and loves to let you know just how smart he is. Does he really have to do that? Dumb people don’t own vast amounts of very expensive real estate and fly around on private airliners and giant helicopters. No doubt his persona works really well in the business world. Also works well as a tough negotiator in foreign affairs. But when it comes to politics, you have to be tough, yet know how to pick your battles based on your chances of winning, and the fall out if you lose. Picking a fight with the “deep state” as a new president was a huge mistake. Likewise, getting into a battle with the mainstream media is going into an arena with five or six opponents, all of which are bigger than you. They blast negative propaganda over the air waves 24-7-365, and it doesn’t even have to contain a shred of truth. As Mr. Trump found out, Washington D.C. is a brutal, vicious swamp. The Democrats control almost every bureau, and they are more than willing to wage warfare against people like Trump that want to upset their dynasty.

As smart as Donald Trump is, he made some grave mistakes, that cost him dearly. The raid on Mara Largo was a message sent by the “deep state” telling him to “stay down”. If you get back up, we’re going to hurt you again. They let him know very publicly, that they can come into his house, ransack his wife’s panty drawer, rummage around for hours, even break into his private safe, and he can’t do a damn thing about it. You have no recourse against these people, they have more power than you will ever have, or even imagine having. My wife worked for a large county in California. She will tell you, if you like your job, and want to keep it, stay in your lane. The powerful above you, will snuff you out in a New York minute, if you threaten their positions in anyway. As Americans we have always been taught, our system is a fair and just system, that if wrongly accused we will always have recourse for justice. My advice to you, is forget you ever heard that nonsense, keep your head down and stay out of sight.

So, my advice to Donald Trump is to step aside, and let Ron De Santis step up, and take front and center stage. Ron De Santis in the front office and Donald Trump in the rear office would be a force to be reckoned with. Besides, Trump is going to be close to 80 years old in 2024. De Santis is half his age. On that issue alone, De Santis is going to be miles ahead in appeal, without the scars and baggage that Trump carries. Also, and perhaps most importantly, De Santis is good for eight years, a two termer. I really like DJT, but he needs to set his ego aside for the benefit of the nation, and work to support the younger Republicans. Besides, he’s mega wealthy, has all the toys in the world. Hey Donald, go enjoy life, let the younger guys fight the battles.


You really don’t have to be super smart to figure this out. This is how the Democrats are winning, by utilizing several super blue states, with Democrats controlling the election machinery. They have amended their state laws to allow early voting, vote by mail, and even allowing ballots to be counted up to two weeks after election day.

Think about this; there are three Senate seats in play that are going to determine who controls the Senate. One is Georgia where a runoff is going to take place between Walker and Warnock. The election boards in Arizona and Nevada are chaotic and dragging out the results until sometime next week. Make no mistake, the longer they delay the results, the more likely it is the Democrat will be victorious. This is not me just shooting off my mouth, Tucker Carlson and his staff did extensive research on this, and found this to be absolutely true. By stripping away all of the traditional voting laws and allowing people to vote with no I.D., harvesting ballots, as well as counting votes that arrive after election day, it’s a slam dunk for the left. Some blue states have are even counting ballots with no date stamp. Picture this; the DNC is watching the election results come in, and immediately see they need to make something happen in three states, to guarantee a win. The calls go out to Arizona and Nevada: put the brakes on the results. The counting slows down to a snail’s pace, while they start laying the groundwork for the big cheat. With the lax laws, it would literally take researchers years to prove they cheated. Yep, the Dems have cheating down to a science. They are very, very good at it.

We saw this happen before our very eyes in the 2020 presidential election. Trump was winning big before midnight, the vote counters went home, and the next day millions of ballots just materialized out of thin air. Joe Biden who didn’t even bother campaigning, won by millions of votes. They are cheating this time, but on a smaller scale, so as to not raise any red flags. My darling little mother always said, ” a leopard can’t change his spots”. Once a cheater, always a cheater.


I’m going to close this rant and wait for the results from Arizona and Nevada before I make any further comments on it. Overall, the Republicans didn’t do as well as expected, but not bad either. I’ll explore what I think the other reasons were in my next blog. God Bless all of you. Stay strong, stay vigilant, stay safe.




  1. I don’t think Trump will step aside; and if both of them run, it will get ugly. I hate to see them tear each other apart. Trump was a good president and knows he was cheated out of his second term and therein lies the problem. He has an axe to grind. It’s part of his nature to get back at the left. You’re right, the media, deep state, and RINOs have it out for him. The RINOs are gunning for him now and using him as their scapegoat. Like Schumer once said, “The FBI has six ways to Sunday to get back at you.” And did they ever.

    I live in Nevada and most voters came out on election day voting for Laxalt. They are holding up northern NV results. And the voting places were disorganized for sure. We went to two of them. First one was a joke. Two smug people sitting in a parking lot with a locked box, no office, no personnel. A joke. We’ll win in Nevada. I got the feeling all the election workers were Democrats.


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