OCTOBER 26, 2022


For the readers that haven’t been following my blog, I basically have two formats. “Snapshots of the News”, it’s my rants and comments on the latest news stories and how I feel about them. “The View From St. Charles” is pretty much me venting about things that irritate and concern me, like Democrats and the endless lies they spin. Or as they like to call it, “disinformation”. I prefer the term “liars” because we need to attach as much negativity as possible to telling lies. Wow, since the campaign season has started its “wall to wall” lies all day every day.

If you know me, you know I am a conservative God loving, Gun loving, Freedom loving, Flag waving maniac. I am not a Republican; I am an Independent. If you don’t think I’m serious, my truck is pictured below. Being an independent means that when Tulsi Gabbard appeared in the Democrat debate stage, I instantly liked what she had to say. On the other side, there are one hell of lot of Republicans I wish would disappear, Mitch McConnell is number one on the list, followed closely by Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham. There are others as well, those are the ones I dislike the most.

Before I start this rant, I think we can all agree that the Federal Government has amassed far too much power and has inserted itself into our lives farther than we ever imagined possible. The number one job of the Feds is to protect our borders and our citizens from foreign invaders. They are failing at that really badly. There is a group that ranks the readiness and strength of our military, and their reports are not exactly rosey. China is building a huge Navy that will be massive by 2030.

However, if it will make you feel better, our navy will be “pronoun friendly”, and none of our sailors will be made to feel badly when a male sailor shows up at his gunnery station in a summer dress. I’m sure that casual dress will be allowed on all ships on Fridays, so sailors can feel free to dress in “drag” is so desired. Chinese submarines will be well equipped with transcontinental Ballistic Missiles, our subs will just be well equipped with transgender morons. In years past, when the Navy docked at a local port, fathers had to lock away their daughters, now they will have to lock away their sons.

In the modern US Army, we will have to worry about soldiers being triggered, instead of being able to pull a trigger. In past wars, a soldier’s “safe space” was a fox hole. I think these new guys and gals are going to require something far more secure. You think that may be the reason why they are putting so much emphasis on robotics? No question, all things considered, machines make the most sense. When artificial intelligence figures out how stupid humans are, it won’t take long for the takeover to happen.

Don’t be angry with me for talking badly about the military, I love the military, but the Democrats are ruining it from the top down. The top brass are now woke idiots. You know who is not woke? Yep, Chinese military brass. How many drag queens do think you will find in the Chinese military? I can answer that question with certainty… Unlike our military leaders, those folks are deadly serious.

Speaking of artificial intelligence versus human intelligence; If Joe Biden were artificial intelligence, he would be a “ring doorbell” with faulty Wi-Fi.


The first thing that will happen is that the Democrats will keep Kamala in seclusion for at least a week so she can calm down and refrain from giggling and laughing uncontrollably. While she is in seclusion, the Democrats are going to be in major meetings with the DNC, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN deciding how they are not going look like fools for claiming Kamala is the first Black Woman President in the history of the United States, after trashing the term “woman” for the past two years. The term Black birthing person is not going to work, she has never been pregnant that I know of. If you have never given birth, I don’t think you can claim that title. That would be disinformation, or misappropriation, or something like that.

She will need to appoint a “Border Czar” immediately, if she is not in her “Border Czar” office, things at the border are going to go the hell really fast. That’s crazy important. All of those migrants could overrun the community banks, since they are banks located in the local communities near the border. Since the border is a river, don’t confuse the community banks with the riverbanks.

I do have a major concern if this happens. The government just purchased several million dollars’ worth of radiation sickness medication, in case nuclear war breaks out. Considering Kamala’s track record with Covid, that medication will be doled out based on equity. So, if you’re white, you better start digging a damn deep hole right now, ’cause you ain’t gettin’ none of that shit.

If old Joe did kick the bucket, you wouldn’t really notice any difference. Joe is just a prop. An unknown group of leftists and big corporations are in charge of the government. The congress is just for show. The FBI, DOJ, “The Committee”, and big corp. are really in charge. Oh, and you can bet your sweet ass that Obama is in the mix somewhere.


My dear little Mother was a bit of a home spun philosopher. She was 4′-10″ of pure dy-no-mite. She had a lot a whole mental library of southern sayings. One of her favorites was, “be careful what you say and how you act, your chickens could come home to roost”. I hate to speak badly of people that have suffered misfortune but considering how Nancy Pelosi has turned a blind eye to crime, and the attacks on police officers, it looks like her chickens have indeed come home to roost. Maybe the old war horse should tone down her rhetoric.


Considering the state of the union, the people in the current administration including Biden himself, are definitely not smarter than a third grader. When you are sitting on the largest deposit of oil in the world and have more natural gas and coal than most anyone, and you are running out of gasoline and diesel, you have to be dumber than an earthworm. When you ban fertilizers that make it possible to have the largest supply of food in the world, you’re really stupid. When you can’t keep the lights on and you demolish coal fired generators, exacerbating the situation just to be “woke”, words cannot describe the level of your stupidity.

There is nothing wrong with having a fixation on electric vehicles. But when your fixation is so out of line, you are willing to destroy the present world, and bring down a vibrant economy for something in the future, you are an immature moron. When you are talking about something as complex as power grids, supply chains, and the welfare of millions of people, you can’t throw an “I want it now” tantrum. Something this big and this complicated has to be done gradually, so the whole damn thing doesn’t come crashing down.


Is this the “October Surprise”? Hint, listen to the voice message without restriction.

You would have to be asleep to not realize that Americans are totally fed up with the Democrat shenanigans and want to throw the bums out. But if we learned anything over the past two years, the Democrats are geniuses at stealing elections. I’m cautiously optimistic about a “Red Wave”, when the Democrats could have a secret “big blue torpedo”.

Do your part, vote and encourage others to vote. I’m really jazzed thinking Oregon may actually get a Republican governor for the first time in over forty years. Oregon needs all the help we can get. The last three Democrat governors have been disastrous.


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