OCTOBER 23, 2022



If you have been analyzing the news as well as watching it, you will have noticed the increasing number of crimes being perpetrated by young blacks, male and female, against corporate retail establishments, White and Asian Americans. The crimes are increasingly violent. Pretty hard to watch actually.

A recent unprovoked attack took the life of 49 year old Jeffery Chapman, after being struck more than ten times with an automobile lug wrench. The knuckle dragger that killed him was Jermaine Adrian Bennett, who is now facing first degree murder charges. A similar attack happened a few miles away shortly before this one. During his questioning Jermaine showed no remorse and stated that “the ills of society had gotten to him”. If you need that translated, I will be happy to provide that service. What the black asshole is saying, is that he hates white folks and he and his accomplice that got away, were simply out on a hunting trip. Fortunately, the person previously attacked did not die. I’m not saying all blacks are assholes, but I am saying they seem to have an overabundance of them in the culture.

When the local governments defund and gut the police departments, and the leftist media condones this behavior as some sort of social justice, these are the resultsl

The Feds turn a blind eye to all of the vandalism and looting. You won’t hear Biden, Harris, Pelosi or Schumer say one negative word concerning the looting and violence. Matter of fact, Kamala was promoting raising bail for the rioters in the 2021 “summer of riots”. The DOJ is far more interested in prosecuting Donald Trump supporters than looters and murderers.

Don’t you find it strange, that the Feds are hell bent on taking away the guns from law abiding citizens, but don’t seem to be making any effort to sweep the illegal guns off the streets?

The leftist media promotes race hate every single day. MSNBC is absolutely the worst. MSNBC literally promotes hatred of white people out loud; they don’t even try to cloak it. When you listen to what they are saying, it appears they are openly promoting a race war. When blacks like Jermaine Bennett hear this stuff again and again, he becomes filled with hatred to the point he bludgeons an innocent cyclist to death. Make no mistake about it, he’s glad he did it.

What you just saw in that video was a man named Reginald Denny being nearly beaten to death. By some miracle Mr. Denny survived that beating by black thugs. That my friends is pure hatred and disregard for another human being.

Extreme violence is alive and well in the black culture. It’s a fucking elephant in the room that everyone chooses to ignore. People act like it’s not happening. This is an evil in our society that needs to be exorcised. People that are violent and hurt others, need to be locked away, no matter what color, race, or nationality. Civilization cannot tolerate such acts. Violence is the antithesis of Civility. They cannot coexist.

That said, the position of the left to release violent criminals and hobble the police, tells you everything you need to know about who these people are. They are evil. They are anarchists.

That my friends is how the news has affected my viewpoint. Not sure how you feel about it, but life has become a lot more dangerous in the past three years. When you stop prosecuting crime, it’s only gonna get worse, and that’s a guarantee.


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