OCTOBER 9, 2022



As I sat down at my desk to begin this blog, I looked out my office window and saw a huge yellow globe in the sky. The moon is just awesome tonight. The weather has been gorgeous here in the pacific northwest. You really can’t count on dry weather after the first of October, but this year has been spectacular. I took a drive on the backroads today in the old 1943 Dodge weapons carrier, which is all finished and painted, what a great experience. It’s an open cab truck (like a jeep) so you get to experience all of the fall smells and warm sun.

I actually set up this blog with the title four days ago, but just haven’t gotten around to working on it. When I saw the moon just before executing the first keystroke, I had a vision of all of the history of this world, the moon has witnessed. No matter what sort of mayhem man has created, no matter how many heinous acts man has perpetrated on his neighbor, nature carries on as if nothing has happened. The sun and moon rise and set, undeterred. When you see and comprehend the absolute magnitude of nature and the universe, you understand the total foolishness of any human being that claims they can change the world weather patterns, and climate. Those that actually believe that, have identified themselves as liars and/or fools.


I have written about this so many times, it’s like an endless loop recording. The left has been slowly transforming public schools and higher learning institutions into centers for political indoctrination. It was very low key for years, but the Biden administration isn’t trying to hide it anymore. They are putting the “pedal to the metal”, going so far as to enlist the FBI and DOJ to enforce this nonsense. However, this is hardly breaking news. Anyone that has been even slightly awake knows this is happening. What is important to note, is how aggressively they are pursuing it. They seem to have ample support from local school boards. I live in a pretty small city, and I was shocked when I read an article in the local newspaper today, that our school board closed the meetings to the public because they were upset about the increasingly vocal parents that were showing up and voicing their concerns. I will be watching this play out, and keep you informed.


I really can’t hang any blame on Biden for the way the left manipulated and twisted the 2020 presidential election. But, unless you have been in a coma for the past two years, you know damn well it happened. If you have any doubts about how brazen the left is, think about how hard they worked to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election, going so far as to set up a bogus investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign that was based totally on false information. There is literally no limit to what these people are capable of. Numerous bad actors on the left, including FBI agents, DOJ employees, Congressmen, and judges were involved in the sham investigation and not a single one of them were charged with a crime. On the eve of the mid-term elections, the FBI and DOJ are hunting down influential conservatives, engaging in illegal search and seizure operations. They are showing up at innocent people’s homes, guns drawn, scaring the living hell out of them, taking their communication devices and computers. These folks haven’t broken any laws, it’s nothing more than political persecution and intimidation. They just happen to belong to the wrong political party. The government will bring suit against them on erroneous charges and bankrupt them in a court of law in order to silence them. I thought this kind of stuff only happened in communist dictatorships.


The media’s right to report and expound on the news is protected by the first amendment. You would think, they would take that very seriously and protect that right. Nope, if you think that is the case, you would be wrong. Instead of questioning those in power, and their motives, they’ve jumped in bed with ’em. So, one can only surmise that they feel the left is going to eventually prevail, and they are going to make sure they are on the winning side. It’s called “sucking up”. It is so painfully obvious it makes you wanna’ vomit. It works out pretty well for the left, they use the media to broadcast their bullshit, and about half the people in America are half asleep, half drunk, or just plain stupid, so the message sticks if it’s repeated about a thousand times. Do you think it’s any accident that the verbiage describing a pivotal event is almost identical no matter which channel you watch except for Fox or Newsmax?

If there is a news story that is going to be damaging to their bosses, they just don’t report it. It’s “radio silence” across the board, TV, Social Media, Newspapers, Public Broadcasting. Do I need to remind you about the Hunter Biden laptop story? It’s very obvious the mainstream media takes its marching orders from the DNC. The fact that we ever get a conservative elected to any office is in itself pretty darned amazing.


I’m not going to get into the analysis of why inflation happened. Inflation happens in short because of poor governmental policies. Inflation is insidious for the average American household for obvious reasons. Most of us are working with a limited amount of income, and we budget to work with that particular amount of money. We don’t have the luxury of being able to dial up the income as needed to offset the added cost of consumer goods. The first things that go are the small pleasures of going out to our favorite restaurants or bars. Next is not taking the Sunday drives in the country to enjoy the fall scenery. You get it, we have to give up those small things that we work so hard for. We enjoy campouts with our travel trailer, but when gasoline is between four and five dollars a gallon, and the truck gets 8 mpg pulling the trailer, our trips get shorter and less frequent. We are getting punished for the ineptitude of our elected leaders. So, what follows inflation? Recessions. That’s when people are in debt up to their eyebrows from living through inflation, and can no longer afford to buy much of anything, companies start laying off workers, and unemployment goes through the roof. Commercial building grinds to a halt along with most other private money ventures. The good thing is that automobile prices drop through the floor, but most people can’t buy one anyway. Basically, you get screwed for a very long duration of time. (Remember the Obama years?) You know who doesn’t get screwed? Yep, the bastards that caused it.


President Biden is obviously not in charge of the day-to-day operations of the white house. If he isn’t reading from the teleprompter all bets are off on what he may say. He is likely to go from speaking about Ukraine, to the time was whale watching on Lake Michigan, when he was driving a semi for Inter Mountain Express in 1945.

Biden is clearly a puppet of the Democrat party, doing whatever they tell him to do, saying whatever they tell him to say. When he spends virtually every weekend in Delaware, and nobody knows who he sees while the is there, I suspect much of what is going on is being directed by Obama himself. Some have said this is really Obama’s third term.

The Biden entourage is a freak show. His Vice President is unable to speak coherently, she seems to have some sort of glitch in her brain that repeats the same phrases and words in different order to make it sound like she has expanded knowledge of the topic, while saying nothing. When she is cornered and doesn’t know what to say, she starts laughing hysterically. The whole group is embarrassing on the world stage.

The Secretary of State has no freaking idea what he is doing. The secretary of Transportation doesn’t know a semi from a pickup. Janet Yellen should be calling numbers in the VFW Bingo games. Ron Klain and Susan Rice should have to report their daily activities to a non-partisan public oversight committee. I don’t trust those two anymore than I trust the Ayatollah.

But the worst of the worst is the FBI and DOJ. These people are totally out of control. These folks are reminiscent of the old Soviet KGB. I never in my wildest imagination ever thought I would see the FBI investigating parents for protesting school board actions. Arresting Christians for singing hymns at abortion clinics and turning a blind eye to left wing activists firebombing pro-life centers. Arresting conservative leaders for supporting Donald Trump, plus raiding Donald Trump’s private residence for obviously bogus reasons, in an attempt to sway the elections. The whole damn government is out of control from DC to the state houses.

I remember when Biden was elected (if you wanna call it that) my wife was beside herself with fear of what may happen. My famous last words were “don’t worry, he can’t screw things up that bad in four years”. That’s what you call a major miscalculation. This country has gone from being well managed by the master tweeter, to a giant “cluster fuck” by the crazy old geezer.



  1. Loved this article. Keep it up. I think we all underestimated the damage Biden could do in two years. Or as Trump says, “he did more damage than five of the worst presidents combined together in two short years.”

    We also took a scenic drive last weekend toward the coast which we hadn’t since before covid. Although the beautiful country terrain remained untouched it was the little town we headed for that had changed. It had gone woke.


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