SEPTEMBER 28, 2022



I never thought much about race until Barrack Hussien Obama became president. I remember when he was elected, I thought this is good, an African American has been elected as the President of the United States. I remember thinking that this will be great for the black population, it will give them hope, and bolster their pride as Americans. I was expecting to see a turning point in the struggles of blacks in the inner cities. That didn’t happen, instead things got measurably worse. A black man as U.S. President had the opposite effect. In my opinion, the negative impact was the direct result of Barrack Obama’s overbearing raciest attitude. Barrack Obama had the chance to heal the old wounds, and go down in history as a great unifier, far greater than Martin Luther King ever dreamed of. But instead of following in the foot steps of Dr. King, he chose the road of division and victimhood.

Obama was openly critical of police. If you remember one of his first acts as president was to condemn the police for arresting a black college professor that was attempting to break into his own home after losing his keys. Think about this for a moment, in a rational frame of mind. Police officers observe a guy attempting to break into a house in broad daylight. There is no way, they know this guy owns the home, or that he is a local college professor. They are simply doing the job they are paid to do. In my opinion, there was no racial component until Obama got involved. Also, why is the president of the United States interfering in city police affairs. Did someone not give him and outline of his job description? He’s supposed to be dealing with world leaders, not local police officers. That’s the mayor’s job. Not sure how many remember his tirade about how much he hated the appearance of police officers. He said they were too aggressive looking, too militarized. Obama planted the seeds that have grown into the anti-police movement.

Allow me to explain how this happens, and how basic it is. I once had a beautiful male Seal Point Siamese cat. Our neighbors across the street had a tabby tomcat. If I was not outside with my cat, he was terrified of the neighbor’s cat. However, if I was outside my cat was very aggressive, he felt confident I would back him up, and would chase the neighbor’s cat back home. I was highly amused by this, but it also taught me a very big lesson about how things work on all levels.

Once the black hooligans felt the President of the United States, and the whole Democrat party had their backs, they became much more aggressive and dangerous. This has been chronicled by statisticians, and they can tell you this all started around 2011. The Democrats started using racism as a smokescreen to cover up the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ problem, they couldn’t control. It really spiraled out of control with Michael Brown in Ferguson, Freddy Gray in Balitmore, and Trayvon Martin in Florida. Of course, we all know the ultimate climax was the George Floyd disaster in Minneapolis. George Floyds death was a huge win for the left, it was a powerful catalyst to move the Marxist movement forward.

The Democrats have successfully neutered the police departments around the United States. The officers have been demoralized by restrictions put on them by local “woke” mayors and police chiefs, and the fear of losing everything if they arrest or otherwise harm a black perp. Not that long ago, a police officer could expect an arrest to be uneventful for the most part, nowadays, that same officer fully understands an arrest can result in hand-to-hand combat with the perp. Often times the officer coming out on the bad end of things, even losing his or her life. Make no mistake, this is a top-down problem. The government leaders, from Washington D.C. to your local city Mayors are causing this problem. It’s completely “fixable”. Just enforce the law, and put the perps behind bars, and keep them there. Placating criminals with no bail, and short sentences only makes them more likely to commit crimes and injure or kill innocent people.

Young black men have a proven propensity for committing violent crime, and they are getting bolder and more dangerous. If this is the life you choose to live, and the law enforcement is turning a blind eye, why wouldn’t you escalate your activities. They commit the crime, are arrested, and are out on the street without bail within hours. Democrats are always screaming about how they are advocates for all things women. You know that’s a lie, when they stop investigating sexual assaults and prosecuting rapists. It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly what Democrats are supporting these days other than violent criminals, especially black ones.

Every action taken by a politician or group of politicians is, designed for an intended result. So, what exactly is the result they are looking for by promoting criminal behavior? Do Democrats somehow feel they are now, and forever, going to be immune from crime? Are the criminals given some sort of secret special spectacles that identifies Democrats, so they won’t attack them? Do the criminals have a list of addresses, so they won’t burglarize Democrat homes? It appears to be just plain craziness, but there must be some sort of desired result. It’s a very big action they are taking, I want to know why, because it’s totally illogical, and against basic human instincts.

I’m going to have to continue this baring of thoughts in the next blog. The more I think about things, more stuff comes into question. Why is Joe Biden asking about the whereabouts of a woman that is dead, and he is attending her services tomorrow? What was he talking about when he singled out a woman in the audience and said; “we go back a long way, I was 30 and you were 12”? Does he even know what he is talking about? Does this man have a functioning brain. Who blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline? Is Putin going to survive the Ukraine war that he started? His future is looking a bit grim. I think I have about ten years of stuff to write about.

Please vote as many times as possible, it’s pretty damned important. I would check out the Democrat homes and apartments, you could probably acquire about a thousand mail in ballots in a day or two. Remember, you will never win, if the other side is cheating and you’re playing fair. Just kidding, please vote. It’s never been more important. God bless you all. Stay alert and stay safe. Conceal/Carry permit is a smart thing.


4 thoughts on “THE VIEW FROM ST. CHARLES

  1. Yes, I too believe having a black president emboldened some blacks to think they were above the law. But never forget (as I recalled during this hurricane) how the media labeled President Bush racist for his handling of Katrina. Apparently he allowed the levee to break that flooded New Orleans as they were mostly black. Ridiculous. The mayor was never held accountable, just Bush. My sister and her husband labeled him racist way back then. I’ll never forget that.


  2. Maybe my memory is not serving me correctly, but up until the 60’s, everyday folks didn’t talk about politics a lot. Everyone grimaced when the campaigning started and was really happy when it was over. in the late 60’s and beyond politics crept into daily conversations more and more. Now days, it’s virtually an all-out war. Maybe if conservatives (once called the silent majority) had been more vocal early-on, we wouldn’t be in the place we are now. Just a thought.


    1. You’re right about folks not fretting about politics in the 60’s. My parents rarely mentioned the president or who was running. BUT I became interested when Bill Clinton was running and his scandal with Jennifer Flowers became national news yet they voted for him anyway. Then the ensuing Oval Office affairs got me voting Republican and following FOX News. 9-11 terror attack got many interested in politics too as well as the Iraq War.
      And now the political scandals are so numerous its hard not to talk about them. My husband’s brother said he wants Buttigeig to run because he likes the way he talks. Ugh. This is how Democrats vote. They vote for eloquent speakers with no substance.


  3. OMG!!! Mayor Pete is as dumb as a stack of hammers. How someone talks is way less important than what they actually do, as in “actions speak louder than words”. Mayor Pete has no major accomplishments of any kind, anywhere. Pair him up with Kamala and you have the new version of “Dumb and Dumber”. The stupidity and incompetence in D.C. right now is over the top, it’s a virtual clown show. I have never seen a wackier bunch anywhere; it makes my head crazy. Thanks for reading my stuff, I always look forward to your comments.


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