SEPTEMBER 11, 2022



The United States is a totally unique place (or was) like no other place in the world. The 48 contiguous states is a gigantic piece of real estate. What makes it so unusual, is that each state has its own government, including its own legislature and governor. Each state has its own laws, even though most states are fairly similar in their approach to law enforcement.

The USA has dense forests, gigantic inland lakes, huge rivers and small trout streams. Deserts and magnificent mountain ranges, including active volcanoes. Millions of acres of some of the richest farmland in the world. Also, the USA has thousands of miles of beautiful ocean beaches. But the best thing of all, is that we have an abundance of energy available for virtually anything we care to do.

The incredible men and women that came before us had a vision of what America could be and set about capturing that energy, building electrical grids, natural gas facilities, and infrastructure to provide clean water and dispose of sewage. Superhighways and magnificent bridges. The USA has the most advanced system of air travel in the world, as well as the safest. All aircraft pilots and air traffic controllers are required to communicate in English, because we wrote the book on air travel. American engineers are the gold standard worldwide. Our building standards the best in the world. America and its people are indeed extremely exceptional, I don’t care what Barrack Hussien Obama says.

America has always confronted its enemies and prevailed through the strength and unity of our people. But we are facing another enemy now that is not utilizing armies or navies, or nuclear missiles. We are being attacked by our own government, using our own laws and lawmakers against us. They are attacking us on several fronts, but it’s very clear, they feel climate change is the best weapon in their arsenal. It has everything going for it, a huge amount of the population has bought into it simply because the mainstream media has parroted the words of the left for years, so they have effectively turned propaganda into truth. It’s unprovable, a lot of really smart people have studied the computer models and say they are wrong, but everyone writes them off as climate deniers. So, like it or not, the momentum is clearly on their side.

Even if the planet is getting warmer, it is an extremely small number. I always fall back on an article I read a few months ago by a well-known scientist that said at the current rate of warming, it will take about four million years before the earth becomes uninhabitable. So, what is the rush to kill the fossil fuel power generators? The truth is there is no urgency. The infrastructure to switch over to an all-electric world is nowhere near being ready, it’s not even close. The technology for this to happen hasn’t even been developed yet.

My dear friends, this whole thing has absolutely nothing to do with the environment, it is a power grab. Stop and think about this for moment. The energy producers have always been private companies. When the government forces everyone to go to renewables, it is essentially the same thing as nationalized oil and gas. The government will be able to control your travel, your mode of transportation, they will control your life right down to the temperature in your home. The natural gas suppliers here in Oregon wanted to be able to control my wi-fi thermostat, I said no way. When the government is the sole supplier of anything you need on a daily basis, you’re pretty much screwed. It is a well-known fact, and many jokes have been made, about the how utterly horrible the government is at managing anything. (except collecting taxes)

I knew this was coming, I fully expected the blue states to start trying to get rid of old cars by passing nonsensical laws. There are millions of guys like me that love our old classics. To the climate cult, they want to see these old cars to go away. They want to erase them just like the historical statues and monuments.

The classic car industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Las Vegas is host to the SEMA show every year that brings in millions of dollars in revenue to the area. I don’t think the car guys are going to be so happy with Nevada. The SEMA show could end up in Phoenix. I’m pretty sure everyone in the classic car world is going to see this for what it really is. In my opinion, this is just the first move, it’s how this stuff is done, little by little.

We could really slow this whole process down and maybe even stop it if we could load up the house and senate with young smart Republicans. (Real conservatives, not fake ones) Take a lesson from the Democrats and vote, not once but two or three times.


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