I have had my house burglarized twice in my life, and it’s very disturbing every time it happens. But the first time is the worst. Your house is your castle, it’s your domain, nobody is supposed to be within the walls of your home unless they are your invited guests. The thought of a stranger within your domain, rifling through your personal belongings invokes thoughts of revenge, deep thoughts of revenge. Bad ass Liam Neeson forms of revenge.

That’s what America has been all about since the Declaration of Independence. Your personal home is your sanctuary. The Bill of Rights guarantees that authorities cannot search your home or seize your assets without due process of the law. Before any of that happens, you have the right to council.

Since the Biden Administration has taken over the reigns, and taken control of both chambers of Congress, they have totally ignored the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and waged war against their political enemies. The list is quite long now of Donald Trump supporters that have been harassed and or jailed. Donald Trump himself is now a victim of this unlawful search and seizure operation being conducted by the FBI and DOJ. I would be disrespectful if I didn’t mention those poor souls languishing in the D.C. jail that were rounded up for the January 6th riots, which was totally insignificant in respect to the riots of 2020. Make no mistake, the incarceration of the Jan. 6th rioters, was a psychological strategy on the part of the Democrats. They were telling Republicans; “This is what will happen to you, if you do something like this”.

This is the way things work; When foreign invaders take over a village, or country, they inflict pain and suffering. They take the possessions of the rich, they rape the wives and daughters of the rich and powerful. They kill the male citizens that dare resist, and rape the townswomen. It is total domination and intimidation. Normally it only takes a few months before they have complete and total control of the population. They have broken the spirits and taken the “fight” out of the people.

Our government is a little more civilized in their actions. They use the goon squads of the FBI and invade your property, march you out in front of CNN cameras (the official government news agency) and then ransack your property while you sit in a jail cell. But in Trump’s case, they wanted to do the psychological equivalent of raping the wife, by going through all of her belongings. I mean, Afterall, what would be more demeaning to a former First Lady to know a lowly FBI agent went through your lingerie drawer, and to her husband knowing he was powerless to prevent it. That my friends, is total psychological warfare. It was meant to break their spirits. It was meant to make Trump feel totally helpless and let him know unequivocally where the real power is. They were saying, “OK big shot, you own this mega property, and have billions of dollars, but we can break down the doors and come in anytime we wish, and you can’t do a damn thing about it”.

When I was much younger, I worked with a Hungarian refugee, that escaped when Russia took over Hungary. He was very young, the Russians killed his parents. He told me the Russians intimidated the Hungarian people by putting up large wooden stakes, sharpened to a point like a pencil, and sat prominent townspeople on them while they were alive. Over the course of several days, the stakes completely penetrated their bodies. The Russians left their bodies on the stakes to intimidate the citizens. Governments will stop at nothing to gain complete power if they are so inclined. Our forefathers knew and understood that well

This is the way I am looking at things on September 2, 2022. We are just a scant two months away from the mid-terms. Vote like your life depended on it. It may.


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