FEBRUARY 28, 2022


This doesn’t have anything to do with recent news, but I was sort of dumbstruck today when I looked at the date, and the realization that my parents were married on this day 94 years ago. I’m not sure why it had such an impact on me today, but it did. Maybe because it was a reminder of how old I am getting. Oh well, it was bound to happen.

RUSSIA AND UKRAINE: This is really getting into territory that I know absolutely nothing about other than what I read and hear on the news outlets. What I mean about that, is I have no idea what would drive a world power to engage in blatant aggression and invade a much smaller nation for no apparent reason. This is what I think will happen, based on the chatter I am hearing from European leaders. It has been 77 years since the follies of Adolf Hitler and the brutality he inflicted on the world. This kind of action is totally abhorrent to people of today. This is an extremely “bad look” for Russia when innocent citizens start getting slaughtered by the thousands. The only nation that will remain friendly with Russia will be China.

Russia will end up being a pariah nation. It could end up destroying the Russian economy and the end of Putin’s reign. Putin is a smart guy, so why would he play such a poker hand? I think his strategy is based on current USA weakness in leadership, both in the white house, and the pentagon. I think he sees the free world as being without an effective leader.

I believe the invasion of Ukraine is a strategy by Russia and China, to draw Nato and the US into a very bloody conflict, betting that another world war would spell the end of the free world forever, Russia and China being the victors and world rulers, dividing the spoils of war.

For the sake of the conversation, let’s say that indeed happened. The scale of conflict would be something horrifying, like the world has never seen. The mere existence of inter-continental ballistic missiles would mean everybody gets to experience the devastation of all-out warfare. The carnage would be unbelievable. It could literally spell the end of humanity. If you would like to see what could actually happen, watch the old movie from 1959 titled ” On the Beach”. It was also a book by Nevil Shute.

BIDEN’S ROLE AND HOW HE IS HANDLING UKRAINE CRISIS: Five minute news conferences, afternoon naps, and weekend trips to Delaware. Aside from that he doesn’t seem to be doing much at all. Don’t know about all of you, but I wasn’t expecting much more. It sure as hell would have helped Ukraine, if the dumbass had taken all of the stuff we left in Afghanistan and parked it in Kiev.

PRICE OF OIL: While Putin is waging war on the Ukrainians for being Ukrainians, the Democrats are waging war against everyone, including their fellow Democrats. Biden and his New Green Deal zealots, refuse to resume drilling of oil and gas and we are about to experience $5.00 or more per gallon gasoline. Biden will tell us tomorrow night in his SOTU address how we should be happy to be able to sacrifice for the good of the nation, while the USA continues to buy millions of gallons of oil a day from Putin and the Mullahs of Iran. I’m not sure about you, but this seems like fuckery to me.

I am remembering the times during the cold war with Russia, we had really tough guys in power, they stood up to Russia. I remember the videos of the meetings, they all wore hats and overcoats, and looked like the mafia. I think it’s time to close up shop for the night before I make myself so depressed, I won’t be able to sleep.

God bless all of you and your families. Stay safe and pray for America and its return to greatness, to a tower of strength to keep the world safe.


2 thoughts on “SNAPSHOTS OF THE NEWS

  1. Scary times. I’m shocked by the apathy of my bleeding heart Dem friends or family who remain silent on this war in Ukraine, even if I bring it up. But if Trump were president they’d be claiming he got us into it. They probably think he did anyway, but won’t say it. They probably still believe Trump colluded with Russia. They probably still wear masks outdoors. Hopeless.


  2. I guess I’m lucky, all of our friends are like minded and think like you and I. There is one couple in our Lodge that are staunch Dems with very weird ideas and big attitudes. We limit our conversations to very few words. And yes, the world is getting very scary, I think for the most part, we have lost confidence in our leadership to cope with the world problems.


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