FEBRUARY 22, 2022

A moment of looking back on history, will tell you, the world has always been a very dangerous place. There seems to be a never-ending supply of meatheads that want to dominate every square inch of it. Here we go again.

Russia seems to be a breeding ground for aggressive assholes with dreams of grandeur. A very long line of strong U.S. presidents, and strong Eruopean leaders kept Russia at bay for a lot of years. The formation of NATO also became a strong deterrent. But alas, rot and decay has set in, and the western nations have become weak and flabby, more concerned about transgender restrooms than foreign policy. The politicians are in bed with the big corporations and media, and we are slowly sinking into a fascist society. We are also looking at two very formidable opponents, if they become allied against the US, in my opinion, cannot be defeated.

Over the past several weeks, we have witnessed Canadian government become a dictatorship. The police have been transformed into Trudeau’s “goon squads”. The Canadian government has confiscated private citizens bank accounts and seized crowd funding donations. People who would flee to the US, will likely be prevented from doing that. Sounds a lot like the old Soviet Union does it not. How long will it be before Trudeau declares that all personal property is now owned by the Canadian government? But what is very disturbing, is how easily it was accomplished. No riots, no gunfire, the government just suddenly confiscated the money. It’s pretty hard to mount an offensive if you’re broke, and have no food, or gas for your vehicles.

This is exactly how governments become dictatorships. Slowly, and gradually, creeping into every aspect of your lives. Dominating public schools, creating thousands of seemingly innocuous regulations, written by bureaucrats not lawmakers. These life changing regulations come out of the darkness, many of them with evil intent. They just keep piling up, until they smother the life out of business and creativity.

All of this happens because of complacency on part of the general population. People don’t pay attention, they trust the people they put in power, never dreaming that these same people, would do anything against the Constitution. Hey, they stood before God and the public and took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Get real, politicians are liars. They have always been liars, and likely always will be.

Here is a bit of news you may not have heard. After hearing it, you may wish you hadn’t. The Democrats are planning on invoking the Fourteenth Amendment, section 3, on all Senators and Representatives, seeking re-election that they deem as engaging in insurrection, or giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the state. So, now you know what the January 6th Commission is all about. The Democrats are working hard to tag as many Republican lawmakers as possible, as being guilty of giving aid and comfort to the insurrectionists. The DOJ is going about arresting hundreds of people that attended that rally, for no other reason than to enlarge the image.

This is how far ahead the Democrats plan this stuff. When they found out Trump was going to have his Capitol rally, they went into action. The Deep state is in this up to their eyeballs. They told the Capitol police to minimize their reaction to the protestors. they refused to activate the National Guard. They placed FBI agents in the crowd to incite violence and instigate entering the Capital building. The left immediately tagged it as an insurrection, so the Fourteenth Amendment could be put into play against the Republican lawmakers. Do you remember when Chuck Schumer said Donald Trump was foolish for going against the deep state? He said; “those guys have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”. And that my friends just played out before your eyes, over the past year and a half. Trump is a smart guy, but he’s no match for the “deep state”. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, the ” deep state” is definitely on the left side of the center line. The United States Government has become a living breathing entity, it is no longer a government of the people by the people and for the people, it is a government unto itself, hell bent on self-preservation, willing to do whatever it deems necessary to remain intact.

One thing I have noticed in my time here on earth. God has planted a lot of stuff in nature, for us to learn from. Cancer is one of those things. The nature of cancer is that once it establishes itself, it starts feeding off of the host, eventually consuming all vital functions, and the host slowly dies. This has played out in hundreds of nations in history. They are consumed by their own governmental greed and corruption to the point they are unstainable. It is political cancer. The United States in my opinion is in a stage four status at the moment. The Democrats seem hellbent on driving this country into a ditch.

But here is the strangest part. The left is clever enough to come up with elaborate plans to decimate the Republicans, like January 6th, that reaches out two years into the future, and yet the best people they have is Joe and Kamala? These two individuals are nothing short of buffoons. That says to me, it doesn’t matter who is out in front, the real leaders are behind the curtain. It’s clear, Joe is nothing but a front man, someone that is authorized to sign documents. Kamala is there to appease the minorities, totally incapable of doing the actual job she was elected to do. Well, elected is a bit of a stretch, but you get it. Joe is way out of Putin’s league, having a summit with Vlad on the world stage would be a total disaster, everyone knows it, especially Vlad. So, who is really running the show? If they were smart enough to perpetrate this scheme, and take over all branches of the government, why do they look so lame doing it?

Joe, Kamala, Mayor Pete, Mayorkas, Austin, Milley, Blinken, and all the rest are buffoons. All of the blacks that Biden installed in the DOJ, are blatant raciest. The entire group is probably the most incompetent assembly in my lifetime. They collectively disparaged the police, and glorified the criminals, (especially black criminals) which has resulted in open season on cops. The government gave a clear message that it was OK to kill cops. Well, BLM actually put out the message, but the government is in full support of BLM. As a matter of fact, now that I am thinking about this, the Biden administration seems to be 100% behind anything that is anti-social behavior.

On one hand I am totally impressed at the elaborate schemes the Democrats are able to concoct, on the other hand they look like idiots. Are they just lucky, getting in a lick now and then, or is this some grand scheme that is so grandiose that we are unable to recognize it? How are they going to benefit from the nation going from hyperinflation to a deep recession? I have heard some say, the intent is to totally break the system, then claim to be the only ones able to fix it. I think the fix would be a socialist form of government.

Whatever happens, I can guarantee that we the people are going to be the major losers. When a government reforms, everything is done to make the government stronger, and the general population weaker. The government never sees the general population as participants, they only see you as worker bees. That’s the way they view you now, it will only get worse. This last presidential election was not decided by the voters, Biden was installed. It is highly likely that you will never see another free and fair election. Elections may still be held, but they will be for show only.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel that we are approaching a turning point in this country. I can’t say if it’s going to be good or bad, but something is going to happen. Chaos is reaching an unsustainable level. If you think I am exaggerating, take a look at Seattle and Portland. These two cities used to be beautiful, peaceful, and welcoming. They have turned into virtual hell holes. Los Angeles and San Francisco have always been borderline, they too have gone over the edge. We are at a point now, that law abiding citizens should be armed at all times, you can no longer depend on law enforcement.

My dear friends and patriots, stay safe, stay vigilant, fight for the right in whatever capacity you are able.


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