I don’t really know when I started learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights in public school. I do know however, they made it pretty damned clear, nobody could nullify those documents. What was written in the founding documents was cast in stone, and as close to eternal as anything ever created by man. I just assumed, as most everyone else did, those words were gospel.

I’m eighty years old, and I totally believed that story up to April of 2020. For 78 long years, I believed that unless another nation were to take over the United States, my freedom and rights were 100% guaranteed. PERIOD!!! Then I watched President Trump turn over power to the states to combat Covid 19. The day he did that, I cringed. I knew at that moment this nation was going to change, possibly forever. I have never told anyone this before, but I felt, Trump betrayed the American people when he handed over the power to the states. President Trump made a huge mistake by not standing tall, and managing the Covid crisis from the White House. He could have controlled it far better, and we would have been out of this much quicker.

I know this sounds like Monday morning quarterbacking, but solving problems with a central management team, will outperform managing by committee every single time. Many times in my life, I have been assigned to a committee to manage a particular issue. It is the worst approach to management you can ever do. Turning over the management of the so-called pandemic to the states, was 50 committees, without a chairperson. Once President Trump did that, he lost all control. He had the people that could have done it. His cabinet was comprised of some of the brightest minds available. Why he handed off the ball, we will probably never know. One thing I do know, it was a monumental blunder.

The glaring message that came from all of this, came through loud and clear, your rights can be taken away in a heartbeat under the right conditions, and you are totally powerless to reverse it. Getting our power back is not going to be easy. Ask any Canadian.

Any government that ever existed on the face of the earth, always seeks total and complete power over the people, it’s an act of self-preservation. That’s what governments do. The Constitution and Bill of Rights kept the power-hungry wolves away for a very long time. Sadly, they finally chewed their way through the doors and are now threatening our way of life and freedom.

Governments are very sinister. They manage to creep into your lives unnoticed and lay down a mine field to keep you in line. The mine fields are licenses and regulations. With each one of the licenses and regulations comes a fine, penalty, or jail time if you dare violate them. You saw this play out hundreds of times over the past two years. A bar owner decides he is not going to comply with the mandates and stay open. The local government just suspends his liquor license, turns off his water and gas, and bingo, he is out of business. The government controls every single lever that makes it possible for you to survive. Now that you know and understand it, what are you gonna do about it? You have no one to turn to, the government controls the law enforcement, the military and can even shut down the availability to obtain fuel through emergency powers acts. The Canadian government is confiscating fuel belonging to the truckers so they can’t run their rigs and stay warm. They are literally freezing them out.

I hear people bravely holding up the second amendment saying our privately owned guns will allow us to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. I’m not so sure that would work. Guess who controls the manufacturing of ammunition? The Federal government can make ammo very scarce, very quickly by taking control of the munitions companies. It’s true we have a lot of brave souls that would take up arms, but they are just small groups of guys, with little or no equipment, and no central command. Communications with each other would be instantly monitored by the phone companies who would be totally on the government side.

Armed resistance is not totally out of the question, but if you want to know what that looks like, check out Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libia, or most anywhere in the middle east. The countryside becomes a hell scape. Life becomes dispensable, and very bleak. The US government may as well have posted a gigantic sign on the Capitol lawn, directed anyone that dared take on the establishment, that they would find the deepest hole possible, throw you in it, and forget where they left you.

Stop and think about it, and I think you will realize our only hope is to slowly and gradually take back our government through conventional means. We have allowed the government to get out of control. As conservatives, we are going to have to change the way we operate. We are going to have to become forceful, in your face adversaries of the left. We are going to have to throw out all the old, tired warhorses, and replace them with young energetic warriors for freedom. We are going to have to be willing to fight hard for what we believe and quit rolling over on our backs like a cowardly canine. Forget the romantic visions of civil warfare and storming the capitol. The odds of being successful with that approach are not good. There is a very successful campaign going on right now, a beach head if you will, with the parents taking over the school boards. That is a huge step in the right direction.

In closing, don’t mistake my remarks about Donald Trump as me being a “never Trumper”. I think the guy is a brilliant leader, some people are put off by his direct speech. I think it’s great. For whatever reason I think he trusted people that ultimately betrayed him in hopes he would fail. In spite of it all, his accomplishments were huge.

Stay safe, stay strong, pick the battles you can win, little by little we can take it back. God Bless all of you and your families.



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